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Europe's mutual suicide pact

19 Jan 2012

Austerity plans pursued by European governments are proving to be self-defeating, writes Eddie Ford

Italian political paralysis: Another papal conclave

11 Apr 2013

Toby Abse reports on the backstabbing and intrigue, as Italian politics remains in paralysis

Syriza in London: Tsipras and his reformist alternative

28 Mar 2013

With sections of the left looking to Greece for an example of the kind of organisation we need, Callum Williamson went to hear what the Syriza leader had to say

Italian political crisis: Anti-working class stalemate

21 Mar 2013

The contending parties cannot agree on how to make workers pay for the crisis. Toby Abse reports

Italy election: Nothing left about Five Star

28 Feb 2013

Contrary to the view expressed by the Socialist Workers Party, Toby Abse shows that the Italian general election result is a disaster

Europe: Tory civil war deferred

31 Jan 2013

Cameron may have thrown a slab of red meat to the Eurosceptic right, but his problems are only just beginning, argues Eddie Ford

UKIP: Cameron’s Pandora’s box

17 Jan 2013

With Ukip riding high in the polls, writes Eddie Ford, the Tories are desperate to steal its votes

Sardinian workers force concessions

20 Sep 2012

The big union battalions are once more talking of general strike action, writes Toby Abse

No such thing as a free lunch

13 Sep 2012

With Madrid refusing to take a bailout and Athens still facing the possibility of default, the euro crisis is far from over, writes Eddie Ford

Taking membership seriously

05 Jul 2012

Michael Copestake reports on the debates at the CPGB weekend aggregate

Berlin delivers reluctant ‘solidarity’

05 Jul 2012

Angela Merkel’s last-minute climbdown comes with strings attached, writes Eddie Ford. After the EU summit, the crisis rumbles on

Economic woes and new scandals

28 Jun 2012

The labour 'reforms' have finally been pushed through parliament, but president Napolitano could be brought down over alleged Mafia contacts. Toby Abse reports

Be careful what you wish for

14 Jun 2012

As the next Greek elections loom, Paul Demarty takes a look at the lines being taken by the left and the current controversy in the SWP

Turmoil threatens

14 Jun 2012

While Italy teeters on the brink of a new crisis, the left is nowhere. Toby Abse reports on the machinations of the main parties

Time for self-criticism

07 Jun 2012

The left missed out on a big opportunity during the fiscal treaty campaign, writes Anne Mc Shane

Last-chance saloon closing for business

07 Jun 2012

Spain's 'total emergency' could bring down the entire euro zone, argues Eddie Ford

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