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Europe's mutual suicide pact

19 Jan 2012

Austerity plans pursued by European governments are proving to be self-defeating, writes Eddie Ford

Three-hour general strike forces concessions

15 Dec 2011

Italian workers are determined to defend their pensions, writes Toby Abse

Europe and the delusions of leftwing nationalism

15 Dec 2011

David Cameron's veto is a dangerous blunder, argues James Turley - so why does the left reproduce Tory stupidity on the EU?

Budget assault ups the ante

08 Dec 2011

Almost all Italian parties have fallen in behind the attacks fronted by the new government of technocrats, reports Toby Abse

ULA must take itself seriously

01 Dec 2011

Anne McShane argues that the United Left Alliance must take a lead

Democracy against capitalism

24 Nov 2011

The ascension of self-styled technocrats to political power is the latest proof that capitalism is antithetical to democracy, argues James Turley

Lenin and the United States of Europe

03 Nov 2011

Jack Conrad takes issue with the attempt to recruit Lenin to the CPB nationalist camp

No alternative posed

03 Nov 2011

Anne Mc Shane sees the economy and the failing capitalist system as the central question in Ireland

Besancenot: go beyond outdated national borders

06 Oct 2011

Last weekend's Europe Against Austerity event adopted the aim of a 'day of industrial action' across the continent in 2012. Peter Manson reports on the conference's strengths and weaknesses

Mapping the alternative

29 Sep 2011

The workers' movement must begin to act on a European scale, argues Mike Macnair

Voodoo and left posturing

30 Jun 2011

Anne Mc Shane reports an exchange of views at the United Left Alliance forum

Silvio Berlusconi trounced again

17 Jun 2011

Toby Abse looks at the situation in Italy after the prime minster's humiliating defeat in last weekend's referenda

Governing parties consolidate in NI

12 May 2011

Anne Mc Shane calls for a united, federal Ireland

Now the left has TDs

24 Mar 2011

Anne Mc Shane urges principled unity in a new party

There is an alternative

24 Mar 2011

But only if we aim for working class rule across Europe, says Mike Macnair

Shattered illusions

20 Jan 2011

The left's general election campaign is beginning to make an impact, writes Anne Mc Shane

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