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Europe's mutual suicide pact

19 Jan 2012

Austerity plans pursued by European governments are proving to be self-defeating, writes Eddie Ford

Reset to Year Zero

11 Apr 2019

With the EU agreeing to a six month ‘flexible extension’ and talks with Labour getting nowhere, Theresa May is fast running out of options, writes Eddie Ford

Consensus unlikely to break out

04 Apr 2019

Enraging the right, Theresa May has asked Jeremy Corbyn to help break the impasse. But is it a genuine offer or a trap, asks Eddie Ford

March for a national government

28 Mar 2019

Eddie Ford warns those on the left backing the People’s Vote campaign - be careful what you wish for

Time to end the tailism

28 Mar 2019

With the United Kingdom in the grip of a profound constitutional crisis, Jack Conrad says the left must reject referendums as a matter of principle. Instead we need our own programme and our own tactics

The government is missing

28 Mar 2019

As the clock ticks down, nobody is meaningfully in charge, writes Paul Demarty

Bercow’s coup settles nothing

21 Mar 2019

As the chaos continues, Paul Demarty considers the state of British ‘democracy’

Hitting the reset button?

14 Mar 2019

Now that Theresa May’s deal has been defeated for a second time and MPs have voted against ‘no deal’, Eddie Ford says almost anything can happen in the short term. But in the longer term the expectations of the Brexiteers will surely be betrayed

Step forward, Mr Johnson?

07 Mar 2019

With splits in the ERG, writes Eddie Ford, does Theresa May now have a chance of scraping her deal through the Commons? It seems unlikely

Moving the cliff edge

28 Feb 2019

Theresa May has kicked the can down the road yet again. Eddie Ford looks at the latest twists and turns

Banking on cliff edges is a dangerous strategy

21 Feb 2019

With less than a week to go before the next Brexit vote, Theresa May has brought nothing meaningful back from Brussels. So what next? asks Eddie Ford

Recession and xenophobia

21 Feb 2019

Toby Abse reports on the latest shenanigans of the right-populist government - and the stirrings of organised working class opposition

Right to the cliff edge

14 Feb 2019

Theresa May tells MPs to ‘hold their nerve’, writes Eddie Ford, but the EU will not blink. So will she risk a no-deal?

Return of the unicorns

08 Feb 2019

As time runs out, Theresa May is still trying to square the Brexit circle, writes Eddie Ford

Brexit in the balance

31 Jan 2019

The Commons vote does not change the bigger picture, notes Paul Demarty

Will the euro survive?

24 Jan 2019

Michael Roberts looks back at the last 20 years and predicts a rocky future

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