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Europe's mutual suicide pact

Will Macron have a majority?

25 May 2017

In June there will be a general election in France as well as the UK. René Gimpel looks at the main contenders

Playing into Grillo’s hands

11 May 2017

Toby Abse reports on the balance of forces following Renzi’s re-election

No concessions

04 May 2017

The French left must overcome its panic and maintain its opposition to the dysfunctional capitalist establishment, argues Paul Demarty

Not back to normal

27 Apr 2017

The centre-right and the centre-left suffered defeat, but the markets are no longer in a panic. Yassamine Mather looks at the French ... and the Iranian presidential elections

‘No’ - it’s not over yet!

20 Apr 2017

The AKP government is in crisis following the rigged referendum. Esen Uslu reports

Hit by corruption scandals

30 Mar 2017

Beppe Grillo and the right-populist Movimento Cinque Stelle are making gains, writes Toby Abse

A watermen’s fight

30 Mar 2017

Esen Uslu reports on the pandemonium created by Erdoğan in the run-up to next month’s referendum

Reckless Renzi provokes split

02 Mar 2017

With the splintering of the centre-left, the door has been opened wide for Grillo and the right, writes Toby Abse

Tories winning Brexit battle

02 Mar 2017

Stoke and Copeland shows the growing ascendency of the Tory Party, writes Eddie Ford

Looking for redemption

23 Feb 2017

Will Tony Blair be mainly remembered for his claims about Iraq and WMD? Not if he can help it, writes Eddie Ford

Slow moving car crash

16 Feb 2017

Support for article 50 is a failure of both principle and strategy, writes Tony Greenstein

In the hands of the courts

09 Feb 2017

The judiciary is playing a significant role in shaping Italian politics, reports Toby Abse

Will France be next?

09 Feb 2017

As the ruling circles take in the election of a right-populist US president, Paul Demarty looks at the rightwing threat within Europe

Economic cold war looms

02 Feb 2017

Theresa May wants to cuddle up to Trump, writes Eddie Ford, but EU leaders are horrified

Proof of US-inspired terror

26 Jan 2017

Toby Abse reviews: Paolo Bolognesi (ed) Alto tradimento Castelvecchi, Rome, 2016, €18.50

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