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To save the planet, fight for a red world

03 Dec 2009

Capitalism is showing itself to be totally incapable of cutting back on carbon emissions, writes Eddie Ford

Darker shades of green

20 Apr 2006

Jack Conrad questions the romantic images presented by green primitives and cautions against the seductive lures of ecofascism

Natural insights

13 Apr 2006

Derek Wall, a founder member of Green Revolution, the socialist platform in the Green Party of England and Wales, reviews Nikolai Bukharin Philosophical Arabesques Pluto Press, 2005, pp407, £35

Greenism and neo-Malthusian pseudo-science

06 Apr 2006

In the first of three articles Jack Conrad argues that the global ecological crisis cannot be explained by crude overpopulation theories. Each social formation has its own laws, including laws of population

Cuckoos in the nest

09 Feb 2006

The Campaign Against Climate Change looks set to grow in 2006, writes John Downes. But where is it going programmatically?

Prometheanism and nature

19 Jan 2006

Technological Prometheanism and capitalism's profit-driven degradation of nature: Jack Conrad puts the case for revolutionary Prometheanism and sustainability

Stop climate change

08 Dec 2005

Climate change: setting our sights sky high

08 Dec 2005

Respect national council member Elaine Graham Leigh was one of the organisers of the December 3 demonstration for action against global warming. She spoke to the Weekly Worker about the need for a democratic mass movement and for socialists to play a leading role

Eco-socialist lite

01 Dec 2005

Martin Eckersley looks at the left press' coverage of climate change, which owes more to environmentalism than Marxism

A world to save! A world to win!

01 Dec 2005

Jack Conrad looks at climate change and the programme that communists should advance

The only answer is revolution

10 Nov 2005

The book 'Marx's ecology - materialism and nature' by John Bellamy Foster does much to reclaim a lost tradition of ecological thinking in Marxism. As CPGB comrades in London draw towards to the end of an extensive series of seminars based on this work, Mark Fischer spoke to the author about the relationship of red and green

Fight for a red planet

15 Jul 2004

Eddie Ford takes issue with deep ecology, biocentrism, Giain consciousness and eco-theology

Mission Earth

15 Jan 2004

George W Bush is reportedly going to use his 'state of the nation' address on January 28 to announce plans to establish a permanently manned base on the moon some time over the next eight to 15 years, but what about the Earth? Jack Conrad takes apart the lunar madness

World climate conference

30 Nov 2000

Mastering nature

Rain, floods, global warming, and platitudes

09 Nov 2000

Marx and ecology - part three

21 Sep 2000

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