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To save the planet, fight for a red world

03 Dec 2009

Capitalism is showing itself to be totally incapable of cutting back on carbon emissions, writes Eddie Ford

Marx und à–kologie

21 Sep 2000

Im ersten von drei Artikeln beleuchtet Michael Malkin, wie Karl Marx die Beziehung zwischen Mensch und Natur sah

Marx and ecology - part two

07 Sep 2000

Michael Malkin continues his three-part examination of the relationship between humanity and nature in Marx's thought

Marx and ecology

31 Aug 2000

In the first of three articles, Michael Malkin examines the relationship between humanity and nature in the thought of Karl Marx

Change and flux

16 Dec 1999

Danny Hammill reviews 'Almost like a whale: The origin of species updated' by Steve Jones

Turning the GM tide?

08 Jul 1999

Mary Godwin reviews 'Genetic engineering, food and our environment: a brief guide' by Luke Anderson

The greening of socialism

20 Aug 1998

Terry Liddle of the Green Party opened a discussion on red-green cooperation at Communist University ’98. Here are extracts from his contributions

Let them eat tacks

14 May 1998

Shell survives

29 Jun 1995

Brent Spar is moved but Shell lives to fight another day

Fevered imagination

25 May 1995

A taste of bosses’ ‘democracy’

20 Apr 1995

School students take on Wimpey

23 Feb 1995

Campaign against M77 mounts

M77 dead end

09 Feb 1995

Viewpoint: Shoreham showdown

12 Jan 1995

Animal rights and revolutionary violence

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