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End the war on drugs

04 Nov 2010

Once again, science and capitalism's irrationality collide. Eddie Ford examines the latest study

Fatuous, dangerous, utterly irresponsible

05 Nov 2009

We call for the immediate legalisation of all drugs, writes Eddie Ford

Irrationality rules

26 Jul 2007

The 'war on drugs' makes a comeback, says Eddie Ford

End the drugs war

19 May 2005

The established parties continue to criminalise millions of casual drug-users and unfortunately, Respect does not stand out of the crowd. Dominic Smith instead calls for the legalisation of all drugs

Send the right message - legalise all drugs!

05 Feb 2004

Eddie Ford on the downgrading of cannabis to a 'Class C' drug, and the attitude of communists

Drugs and the SWP

04 May 2000

The comrades display a one-dimensional vision of socialism, says Eddie Ford

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