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Global fight for reforms

16 Feb 2012

Mike Macnair concludes his article on the alternative to nationalistic Keynesianism

Alternative to ‘restraint’

21 Apr 2022

Neither establishment explanation for the cause of inflation is valid, argues Michael Roberts

Contradictions and ambiguities

09 Dec 2021

Market socialism, capitalism with Chinese characteristics, or a workers’ state? Michael Roberts takes issue with three recent books

Marxist monetary theory

07 Oct 2021

It is profit, not government spending, that drives capitalist investment, writes Michael Roberts

A political system test

23 Sep 2021

Joe Biden is attempting to reverse US imperial decline through a neo-Keynesian turn, argues Jim Creegan

Threat of a new slump

01 Jul 2021

There has been much exaggerated talk of the dangers of inflation. But, if interest rates rise, Michael Roberts sees the zombie corporations getting into real trouble

Decline in profitability

03 Jun 2021

Capitalism’s productivity failure can best be explained by Marxist theory, writes Michael Roberts

Where is America going?

03 Jun 2021

Has there been a social democratic turn following Joe Biden’s victory? Now, after all, his administration promises not only to tax the rich, but help the poor. Then there is China, the EU and the so-called third world. This is an edited version of the talk Hillel Ticktin gave to the May 27 Online Communist Forum

Problem is capitalism

18 Feb 2021

Michael Roberts asks what we should now expect: deflation, inflation or stagflation?

A return to Keynes?

01 Oct 2020

Michael Roberts takes apart the United Nations ‘solution’ to end the Covid-19 pandemic slump

Not an oxymoron?

02 May 2019

Can there be a return to ‘progressive capitalism’? Don’t hold your breath, says Michael Roberts

Supply and demand quandary

13 Dec 2018

Both neoclassical and Keynesian economics have got it wrong, writes Michael Roberts

Free-trade illusions

13 Dec 2018

Mike Macnair continues his argument against tailing the liberals

Keynesianism is no alternative

20 Sep 2018

Michael Roberts reports on the range of illusions on display at a recent international conference

Too modest by half

13 Sep 2018

John McDonnell’s ‘radical’ plans to overhaul company ownership forget about the state - Jim Grant argues that the state will not forget about John McDonnell

The Keynesian dilemma

19 Jul 2018

Will it be free trade or protectionism? Michael Roberts examines the contending views

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