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A weapon for the movement

10 May 2012

Comrades in London are beginning their collective study of Marx's Capital. Jack Conrad introduces what is still an unequalled work

Isabel Schnabel’s last mile

15 Feb 2024

Central bankers are determined to keep interest rates high in an effort to dampen down inflation. But, as Michael Roberts explains, the reason why there has been a spike in inflation is down to supply issues and excessive profits, not excessive demand

One-trick pony

18 Jan 2024

High end computer chips are now being made elsewhere. Michael Roberts looks at the economic and political background to last weekend’s elections in Taiwan

Battle for Tory soul

30 Nov 2023

There is more trouble for Sunak, writes Eddie Ford, with record net figures - much to the anger and consternation of the Tory right

Rates up, economy down

11 May 2023

Claims by bankers that, by upping interest rates, inflation will be pulled down are fallacious. Michael Roberts presents a Marxist explanation

No wage-price spiral

24 Nov 2022

Michael Roberts investigates the old myth that wages drive inflation and rejects calls from governments, bankers and employers for workers to exercise pay restraint

Tottering towards 2024

17 Nov 2022

Despite the economy ranking as the number one issue for US voters, the expected red wave failed to materialise. Michael Roberts examines the facts and figures

Energy as a weapon

28 Jul 2022

Michael Roberts looks at the fallout from the Ukraine war and how plans for an oil cap could trigger a deep recession

Scissor blades closing

23 Jun 2022

Prices soaring, real wages falling and a new slump very much on the cards. Michael Roberts looks at the prospects for the world economy

Inflation and pauperisation

09 Jun 2022

Inflation is soaring, along with chauvinist rhetoric. Things are not looking good for Erdoğan and Erdoğanomics, reports Esen Uslu

Understanding capitalist dynamics

12 May 2022

Ian Wright reviews 'How labor powers the global economy' by Emmanuel Farjoun, Moshé Machover and David Zachariah (Springer Publishing 2022, pp166, £90)

Alternative to ‘restraint’

21 Apr 2022

Neither establishment explanation for the cause of inflation is valid, argues Michael Roberts

SUPPLEMENT: Imperialism and the state (Part III)

07 Apr 2022

Capitalism produces huge wealth and huge inequalities, both of which play a role in recurring crises

Third great depression

17 Mar 2022

Not only are economic contradictions at play. There is the ecological crisis and, of course, war. Michael Roberts says that only socialism can save humanity

Destroyed by economygate?

10 Feb 2022

After the “longest wage squeeze in 200 years”, workers in Britain face an unprecedented fall in living standards. Michael Roberts rejects the Bank of England’s call to “moderate” wage rises

A world of declining profit

27 Jan 2022

Michael Roberts reviews new empirical evidence vindicating Marx’s law of the tendency of the rate of profit to fall, which underpins capitalism’s inherent tendency to crises

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