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Neoliberal ghosts and the art of brevity

16 Sep 2010

Jack Conrad answers criticisms of the CPGB's Draft programme in the second of a three-part article

Death in academia

02 May 2024

Oxford University has finally closed down its Future of Humanity Institute. Paul Demarty explores the social limits of AI and the long-termist utilitarian ideology promoted by Nick Bostrom

Lights going out

25 Apr 2024

Dissatisfaction rates soar, surgeries close and new contracts are imposed on unwilling GPs - all part of the ongoing privatisation drive, writes James Linney

From magnificent to desperate

11 Apr 2024

Share prices hit record highs, profits soar. Is another recession really off the agenda? Michael Roberts investigates present-day capitalism’s inability to end stagnation and revolutionise productivity

Money, debt and crap

11 Apr 2024

Thames Water has defaulted on debt repayments; there is talk of renationalisation. Meanwhile there is an ongoing scandal about the release of untreated sewage into rivers and seas. Mike Macnair investigates the problems and possible solutions

Not dealing with causes

28 Mar 2024

IMF managing director Kristalina Georgieva is suddenly worrying about inequality, says Michael Roberts. A significant ideological shift away from the neoliberal consensus

Rules of the game

14 Mar 2024

Liam Byrne reckons that the social mission of Labour is for ‘equality’ and ‘fairness’ and yet the fundamental causes of inequality lie in the system of capital itself, writes Michael Roberts

Decay fast and furious

29 Feb 2024

At great human cost NHS dentistry has been driven almost to the point of extinction. A similar outcome threatens health services in general, writes Ian Spencer

Continuing the false narrative

15 Feb 2024

Will Moore reviews Tom Barrow (director) 'The miners’ strike 1984 - the battle for Britain' Channel 4

Best of times, worst of times

08 Feb 2024

Saving the NHS will undoubtedly be a key issue in the coming general election. Ian Spencer analyses the recommendations of the Times Health Commission

Desperately seeking martyrdom

23 Nov 2023

With the Tories facing an electoral drubbing and having no coherent strategy, Rishi Sunak is reduced to day-to-day politicking, writes Eddie Ford

Sahm recession to downturn

16 Nov 2023

There is a slowdown in productivity and world trade, and increased geopolitical rivalry, So, writes Michael Roberts, don’t expect increased growth

Driving the green wedge

28 Sep 2023

Rishi Sunak’s sudden U-turn is the result of desperation … and a leak, writes Eddie Ford. Meanwhile, yet another authoritative report shows that yet another climate record is in danger of being broken

Doctors step up action

14 Sep 2023

BMA members have returned huge majorities for strike action. While the Tory government remains intransigent, there does seem to be some movement on Labour’s front bench, Richard Galen reports

Expect nothing from Sir Keir

14 Sep 2023

Birmingham city’s declaration of bankruptcy comes after a decade and more of austerity and the systematic erosion of local government. Kevin Bean calls for a return to democracy but on a much higher level

Gambler of Riyadh

10 Aug 2023

From sportswashing to megacities: what is MBS up to? Paul Demarty investigates the grandiose Vision 2030

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