Capitalism & Crisis

The decline of money

01 Mar 2012

If we are to understand the present crisis we need to grasp the decaying relationship between money, production and value. Hillel Ticktin discusses the growth of fictitious capital and impossibility of getting money to make money

Coronavirus, oil and capitalist decline

19 Mar 2020

Rex Dunn explains why he thinks they are all connected.

Bankruptcy of neoliberalism

19 Mar 2020

With countries everywhere on a ‘war footing’, writes Eddie Ford, the pandemic shows the necessity of global social control.

Coronavirus and the G20

29 Feb 2020

Global capital is at a loss on how to prevent another slump, argues Michael Roberts.

The wealth of nations

31 Jan 2020

Michael Roberts examines the controversies about using gross domestic product as a measure.

From socialism to ‘stabilising finance’

24 Jan 2020

Hyman Minsky acted as a forerunner for protagonists of today’s ‘modern monetary theory’, writes Michael Roberts.

Fixing the plumbing

12 Dec 2019

You will get nowhere if you do not understand the capitalist mode of production, says Michael Roberts.

Drowned in blood

06 Dec 2019

James Harvey concludes his thoughts on the 1918-19 German revolution, based on his talk at CU2019.

Marx’s double-edge law

15 Nov 2019

Despite the arguments of David Harvey, writes Michael Roberts Marx’s law of the tendency of the rate of profit to fall is fundamental in understanding capitalist crises.

‘Correcting’ capitalist inequality

09 Nov 2019

Keynesian proposals for ‘tax justice’ are not the answer, writes Michael Roberts.

Global and national inequalities

17 Oct 2019

The global proletariat is continuing to grow and capitalism is mired in stagnation, writes Michael Roberts.

Intangible, but not immaterial

10 Oct 2019

The law of value is fully applicable to the commodification of knowledge, argues Michael Roberts.

A rent-seeking economy?

03 Oct 2019

The problem lies not in ‘financialisation’, argues Michael Roberts, but in the system of capital itself.

World’s scariest economist?

08 Aug 2019

She advises Labour, Democratic Party hopefuls and the Scottish first minister. Michael Roberts critiques the ideas of Mariana Mazzucato.

The heroes of finance

20 Jun 2019

Despite the efforts of central banks the risk of a new global recession continues to rise, argues Michael Roberts

From rentism to communism

13 Jun 2019

Peter Frase Four futures: life after capitalism Verso, 2016, pp160, £8.99

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