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The centrality of labour-power

15 Mar 2012

Moshé Machover begins his examination of the labour theory of value by looking at the preliminaries

Only solution: socialist democracy

29 Feb 2024

Is the People’s Republic heading for a crack-up or uninterrupted progress, asks Daniel Lazare. Perhaps we should ask Frederick Engels - or maybe not

Justice at a huge price

18 Jan 2024

The Horizon scandal was about faulty software, individual gullibility and corporate indifference, writes Mike Macnair. But the fundamental problem dates back to the 1660s and the selling of legal services to the highest bidder

Hiding in the shadows

05 Oct 2023

Interest rates are at a long-term high and look set to stay that way for at least a couple of years more. Michael Roberts warns that there are likely to be severe economic consequences

Staring at an electoral drubbing

05 Oct 2023

Peddling conspiracy theories, bashing the EU, migrants and the undeserving poor - no wonder Nigel Farage loved it. But, writes Eddie Ford, this year’s Tory conference was dominated by one issue: HS2

Doctors step up action

14 Sep 2023

BMA members have returned huge majorities for strike action. While the Tory government remains intransigent, there does seem to be some movement on Labour’s front bench, Richard Galen reports

Fifty years of socialist theory

20 Jul 2023

Yassamine Mather looks at the role of the journal founded by Hillel Ticktin in 1973

On its last legs

18 May 2023

Mark Zuckerberg bet the farm on virtual worlds - and lost. Paul Demarty pours one out for the metaverse

Rates up, economy down

11 May 2023

Claims by bankers that, by upping interest rates, inflation will be pulled down are fallacious. Michael Roberts presents a Marxist explanation

Still far from human

13 Apr 2023

The widespread introduction of AI is unlikely to boost profit rates and rescue capitalism from its long depression. Michael Roberts explains

Scissor blades closing

23 Jun 2022

Prices soaring, real wages falling and a new slump very much on the cards. Michael Roberts looks at the prospects for the world economy

Trouble in paradise

05 May 2022

Like other such territories, the British Virgin Islands is an outpost of corrupt City of London financial scams and operations, writes Eddie Ford

Threat of a new slump

01 Jul 2021

There has been much exaggerated talk of the dangers of inflation. But, if interest rates rise, Michael Roberts sees the zombie corporations getting into real trouble

New financial fictions

15 Apr 2021

Michael Roberts spotlights the latest ways capitalists have come up with to cheat and swindle

Financial fictions

08 Apr 2021

What Marx described as the ‘purest and most colossal form of gambling and swindling’ continues today, but on an altogether bigger scale Michael Roberts looks at some recent examples

Dilemmas of great and good

21 Jan 2021

Mainstream economists cannot provide the answers needed to revive a system mired in stagnation. Michael Roberts reports on the annual gathering of the American Economic Association

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