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Referendum has nothing to offer

07 Jun 2012

Neither Scottish independence nor British unionism. Sarah McDonald looks at the launch of the "Yes" campaign

Socialism 2003: Tensions rise to surface

23 Oct 2003

Over the weekend of October 18-19 at Glasgow Caledonian University the Scottish Socialist Party held its fourth annual school. Sarah McDonald was there

Scottish Socialist Party: Dilemmas of separatism

23 Oct 2003

The debate on Scottish independence at Socialism 2003 brought into sharp focus a number of issues that will be crucial for the progress of the Scottish Socialist Party over the next period. Nick Rogers reports

Bourgeois revolutions and breaking national myths

16 Oct 2003

Neil Davidson, a member of the Socialist Worker platform in the SSP, systematically takes apart what commonly passes for Scottish history. This is an edited version of the opening he gave to this year's Communist University

Labour socialists and SSP

16 Oct 2003

Can Labour be reclaimed? Are avenues of dissent concreted over? Vince Mills secretary of the Campaign for Socialism - a group within the Scottish Labour Party - speaks to Mark Fischer

MI6 and UK Independence Party

31 May 2001

Tories? desperate throw

Northern Ireland

17 May 2001

Stunt threatens crisis

Republican Communist

12 Apr 2001

Split averted

Socialising farming

12 Apr 2001

Republican Communist Network

29 Mar 2001

Instrument for unity

Foot and mouth outbreak

22 Mar 2001

Class approach needed


01 Mar 2001

Myths, half-truths and a moderate climate Tommy Sheridan, Alan McCombes Imagine Rebel Inc, 2000, pp223, £7.99

Organs for sale

08 Feb 2001

The real grave-robbers

Vauxhall and the political alternative

25 Jan 2001

Learning from Thatcher Text of speech made by comrade Steve Freeman to the Bedfordshire Socialist Alliance

Scotland and working class unity

07 Dec 2000

In an edited version of a talk given to the CPGB's Communist University 2000, Neil Davidson, author of The origins of Scottish nationhood and a member of the Socialist Workers Party, argues that the Scottish nation is a reality, but socialists should not make a principle out of arguing for its separation from Britain

SWP dithers on Scottish independence

02 Nov 2000

Allan Green, national secretary of the Scottish Socialist Party, attended the October 22 aggregate of the Socialist Workers Party. Here, in his official report, he shows how far the SWP is prepared to compromise its principles for the sake of getting into the SSP

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