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Referendum has nothing to offer

07 Jun 2012

Neither Scottish independence nor British unionism. Sarah McDonald looks at the launch of the "Yes" campaign

Fact and fictions

14 Sep 2006

Each year on September 16 Welsh nationalists celebrate 'Owain Glyndwr day'. Bob Davies looks at the myths surrounding the 'the last genuine Prince of Wales'

British duality and the class struggle

10 Aug 2006

National consciousness is complex. As Jack Conrad shows, British national consciousness is particularly complex, being at the same time English, Scottish and Welsh. It also involves class and class struggle

Not oppressed but a joint oppressor

03 Aug 2006

Was Scotland subject to a takeover by England in 1707? Does Scotland suffer from English cultural imperialism? Jack Conrad questions some more left nationalist myths and assumptions

Defending national socialism is not Marxism

20 Jul 2006

Jack Conrad begins an extensive reply to Bob Goupillot with an examination of the principle of 'one state, one party' and its history

Different roads to unity

20 Jul 2006

Should 'one state, one party' be applied to Britain in current political circumstances? Bob Goupillot of the Republican Communist Network (Scotland) and the Scottish Socialist Party argues that the unity of the working class can at present best be served by a separate party for Scotland

Rehabilitation, not irrationality

29 Jun 2006

Blair's speech exposes the government's bankruptcy on crime, says Eddie Ford

Not fit for purpose

22 Jun 2006

In the panic over sex crimes, communists emphasise the need for treatment, not revenge. Eddie Ford comments

Manufacturing royal consent

25 May 2006

Gordon Downie takes a look at the May 20 concert of the 'Prince's Trust'

Reactionary hysteria

04 May 2006

The furore over "1,000 foreign criminals" raises some basic questions about rehabilitation, border controls and chauvinist discrimination, writes Eddie Ford

For a parliament with full powers

09 Mar 2006

The people of Wales must have the right to self-determination, argues Bob Davies, and calls for that right to be exercised in favour of unity within a federal republic of Wales, Scotland and England

Britain's drystone wall

02 Mar 2006

Can the British constitution be reformed? Not without mass political action by the working class, argues Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group

Marching towards self-organisation

09 Feb 2006

Emily Bransom reports on a new website set up by disgruntled soldiers

Fight for soldiers' rights

02 Feb 2006

Emily Bransom comments on demands by disgruntled British soldiers to form their own 'armed forces federation'

Scramble for centre ground

12 Jan 2006

Emily Bransom comments on the resignation of Charles Kennedy

The tip of the iceberg

05 Jan 2006

Liam O Ruairc comments on the outing of leading Sinn Fein member Denis Donaldson as a spy for the British secret service

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