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Referendum has nothing to offer

07 Jun 2012

Neither Scottish independence nor British unionism. Sarah McDonald looks at the launch of the "Yes" campaign

National government real danger

24 Jan 2019

With Theresa May paralysed, neoliberal MPs are preparing to ‘take back control’. Paul Demarty looks at Britain’s unfolding constitutional crisis

Preparing the final assault

17 Jan 2019

James Linney examines the fraud that is NHS England’s ‘long-term plan’

Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt: another witch-hunt victim

17 Jan 2019

NEC refuses to endorse Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt in South Thanet, writes Carla Roberts

May's deal is dead as a dodo

17 Jan 2019

Paul Demarty asks what comes next after the crushing rejection of May’s Brexit deal by the Commons

Fall of the house of Osamor

06 Dec 2018

Kate Osamor’s resignation is a symptom of more serious political sicknesses, argues Jim Grant

Disappearing the welfare state

22 Nov 2018

Even that den of thieves, the United Nations, recognises the suffering imposed on the working class by the politics of austerity, writes Eddie Ford

Science, health and profit

22 Nov 2018

Exaggerated claims for artificial intelligence are being used to further the government’s agenda of privatised healthcare, says James Linney

Huddersfield and the causes of crime

25 Oct 2018

There is more at stake than criminal justice in the latest grooming scandal, argues Paul Demarty

Tinker, tailor, soldier, Marxist

25 Oct 2018

Lawrence Parker takes issue with some of the interpretations of Michael Bettaney’s life and ideas that have appeared down the years

A man of contradictions

06 Sep 2018

Michael Bettaney (Malkin) February 13 1950-August 16 2018

Hodging their bets

09 Aug 2018

Labour’s Kafkaesque disciplinary procedure is part of the ongoing attacks on free speech, writes Mike Macnair

Telling lies about lies

02 Aug 2018

Despite its claims, the Commons select committee is undermining democracy, writes Paul Demarty

Cliff edges and parachutes

26 Jul 2018

The Brexit crisis is deepening and almost anything can happen, writes Eddie Ford

What sort of unity?

05 Jul 2018

Review of Kevin Meagher's 'A united Ireland: why unification is inevitable and how it will come about'. Biteback Publishing, 2016, pp237, £12.99

A health service worthy of the name

28 Jun 2018

As the NHS approaches its 70th anniversary, James Linney calls for a radically new approach

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