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Our lady of the tabloids

31 Aug 2017

Twenty years on, Britain is still not over the death of Diana Spencer. Paul Demarty investigates the cult of the ‘people’s princess’

Not a commodity

10 Aug 2017

The growing trend towards rationing treatment is a disgrace, writes James Linney

Witch-hunt continues

03 Aug 2017

As the Ken Livingstone case demonstrates, the right’s call for ‘party unity’ should not be taken at face value, argues David Shearer of Labour Party Marxists

Check out, but never leave

27 Jul 2017

The reality of Brexit is starting to become apparent, writes Eddie Ford. And the government is increasingly under pressure from big business

Towards a Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation

27 Jul 2017

The disclosure of the BBC list of highest paid ‘stars’ raises the question: what is the corporation for? William Kane investigates

Get used to it

20 Jul 2017

Attempts to insulate MPs from insults are laughable and doomed to failure, argues Paul Demarty

Brexit reality wall

20 Jul 2017

Eddie Ford does not find it impossible to imagine a national government emerging from an EU-induced crisis

The Corbyn phenomenon

06 Jul 2017

It is important to know where we are and where we are going, argues Tony Greenstein

A new generation

06 Jul 2017

After Saturday’s inspiring demonstration, Peter Manson asks what the next steps should be

Fire in Babylon

22 Jun 2017

This is a disaster that results from decades of misrule, argues Paul Demarty

Capital in disarray

22 Jun 2017

The UK economy is set to enter a period of recession, argues Michael Roberts

Parallel campaign delivers win

15 Jun 2017

One the greatest upsets of the election took place in Sheffield Hallam, where a pro-Corbyn candidate defeated Nick Clegg. Carla Roberts of Labour Party Marxists reports

Pact with the devil?

15 Jun 2017

Will a deal with the DUP mean an end to the so-called peace process? Anne McShane investigates

Blow to separatism

15 Jun 2017

The Tory revival north of the border exposes the failure of left nationalism, writes Eddie Ford

Things have just got even better

15 Jun 2017

The unexpected general election result has considerably weakened the Tories and strengthened Jeremy Corbyn’s position. The left has a real chance of transforming the Labour Party into a united front of a special kind, says James Marshall of Labour Party Marxists