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Referendum has nothing to offer

Barking up the wrong tree

12 Apr 2018

A new moral panic over violent crime in London has generated the usual batch of silly initiatives and pseudo-solutions, argues Eddie Ford

NCG elections: no vote

05 Apr 2018

A call from Labour Party Marxists

Truth in fiction

29 Mar 2018

Dave Douglass reviews Aly Renwick Gangrene Merlin Press, 2017, pp256, £9.99

The taming of Corbyn

29 Mar 2018

While some on the Labour right still hope to force Corbyn to resign, writes Carla Roberts of Labour Party Marxists, others are aiming to change the man and his politics

No more ‘broad, sunlit uplands’

29 Mar 2018

Eddie Ford agrees with Jacob Rees-Mogg that the final Brexit deal will be a ‘national humiliation’ like Suez 1956

Taking stock at half-time

22 Mar 2018

Morale remains high, as UCU members prepare for the second phase of strike action. Kevin Bean says members are increasingly questioning neo-liberal orthodoxy

Russian weapons

22 Mar 2018

There is great fury about the attempted assassination of Sergei Skripal - but Paul Demarty detects crocodile tears

Costs of commodification

15 Mar 2018

Pharmaceutical companies routinely fail to publish negative results of research into new drugs. James Linney looks at the case of antidepressants

Softest form of hard Brexit

08 Mar 2018

Theresa May’s ‘hard facts’ will only bring a temporary cessation of war between the rival Tory factions, writes Eddie Ford

Theresa May’s à la carte menu

01 Mar 2018

Three-course dinner or a packet of crisps? Eddie Ford looks at the latest Brexit developments

Determined to win

22 Feb 2018

Dave Douglass reviews Steve McGrail and Vicky Patterson Cowie miners, Polmaise colliery and the 1984-85 miners’ strike Scottish Labour History Society, 2017, pp146, £6

Genesis of ‘new Sinn Féin’

22 Feb 2018

Kevin Bean looks back to the 1980s and 90s and the taming of the republican movement

Further into farce

22 Feb 2018

How much longer can Ukip limp on, wonders Paul Demarty?

Misrepresenting the people

15 Feb 2018

Paul Demarty wonders what is left out of the centenary celebrations for the Representation of the People Act

21st century global reality

08 Feb 2018

Eddie Ford looks at the growing Tory infighting over Brexit

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