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Republicanism and the form of working class rule

Russian means and the dictatorship of the minority

10 Oct 2002

In the fourth of his series of articles Jack Conrad examines the background to Lenin's use of the word 'dictatorship' and the role played by the Mensheviks

Dictatorship of the proletariat and the Second International

03 Oct 2002

In the third of his articles discussing peaceful and violent revolution Jack Conrad examines the use of the term 'dictator-ship of the proletariat' after Marx an Engels

Formulation nine and the dictatorship of the proletariat - part two

26 Sep 2002

Jack Conrad continues his reply to those who have attacked the recently updated 'What we fight for' column as a move to the right

Formulation nine and the possibility of peaceful revolution

19 Sep 2002

Jack Conrad begins a series on peaceful revolution

Sack the lot

12 Apr 2001

She did not actually say that much. That is one of the most interesting things about the so-called 'Sophiegate' affair. And yet some petty, albeit tactless, remarks by the stuck-up high Tory, Sophie Rhys-Jones, have apparently led to "the biggest crisis for the monarchy" since Diana Spencer died in 1997 (The Sun April 7).

Scottish nationalism

11 Jan 2001

'A breath of fresh air'?

Workers' Liberty backs federal republic call

21 Dec 2000

Will power and the monarchy

14 Dec 2000

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