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Resolution adopted by CPGB membership aggregate, July 2004

08 Dec 2005

Labour and Respect

29 Jan 2004

Mary Godwin reports from the latest CPGB aggregate


29 Jan 2004

Elections to the Provisional Central Committee, the Party's leadership body, took place during the recent aggregate

Hijab: ... and the debate

22 Jan 2004

The contentious subject of 'Headscarves, secularism and the battle of democracy' produced a lively debate at the first CPGB London forum of 2004, reports Mary Godwin

CPGB resolution on the Respect Unity Coalition

18 Dec 2003

As agreed at December aggregate

European mobilisation

18 Dec 2003

European Social Forum: Should we cooperate uncritically with the European Trade Union Congress (ETUC)? How important are the anti-war protests? Should we demonstrate against the new constitution of the European Union? Comrades from France, Italy and Britain have pretty different views on these subjects

London ESF money challenge

18 Dec 2003

European Social Forum: short on cash, will those organisations involved cough up?

Draft declaration

11 Dec 2003

Respect coalition's draft declaration of principles

Crossroads crossed

04 Dec 2003

Phil Kent reports on a 'British politics at the crossroads' rally

Centre-left or socialist?

04 Dec 2003

Ananda Samaddar saw George Galloway speak in Newcastle

No rights without responsibilities

04 Dec 2003

Party aggregate: the first item on the agenda concerns the behaviour of John Pearson, a CPGB member from Manchester. There is a motion demanding his immediate expulsion.

Hard cash and comradeship

16 Oct 2003

This letter has been sent by the Communist Party of Great Britain to the Socialist Alliance national executive committee

Party Notes: 500th edition

16 Oct 2003

Notching up 500 issues of the Weekly Worker is an undoubted achievement in itself, says Jack Conrad

Communist University 2001

21 Jun 2001

August 4-11, Brunel University, Uxbridge, Middlesex


31 May 2001

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