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Hidden from history

Socialist Alliance Liaison Committee

29 Mar 2001

Call for SA paper

Simon Harvey of the SLP

22 Mar 2001

Defeat failed ideas

AK47s and calculators

22 Mar 2001

Sect primitivism and a Socialist Alliance party

15 Mar 2001

Inevitably the main underlying theme of the Socialist Alliance's March 10 conference concerned the period after the general election. Each and every debate at Birmingham was haunted by its attendant ghost of things to come.

Fight for what we need

08 Mar 2001

How should the Socialist Alliance determine the level of the minimum wage it proposes? Not by meekly tailing the 'European decency level', argues Tom May

Playing chancellor

08 Mar 2001

We cannot replace New Labour by becoming old Labour

08 Mar 2001

Over recent months Weekly Worker reporters and correspondents have repeatedly shown how the Socialist Alliance majority - in particular the Socialist Workers Party - have fallen in behind the separatist agenda of Scottish and Welsh left nationalists. Whereas our main enemy is tightly, effectively and malevolently organised across the whole of the United Kingdom state, we have irresponsibly divided and thereby weakened our fragile and meagre forces. A self-inflicted disunity that will do more than rob us of an all-Britain joint political broadcast. The wound runs far deeper...

Prioritise democracy

01 Mar 2001

Examining the 'priority pledge' submissions to the Socialist Alliance's March 10 Birmingham conference is sadly instructive. Before us we have on parade economism lined up in neat regimented rows. An army of misguided innocence (see 'Our principles' Weekly Worker February 22).

SWP changes

22 Feb 2001

Our principles

22 Feb 2001

Policy paper for March 10 Socialist Alliance conference, drafted on behalf of the executive committee by Mark Hoskisson Every local Socialist Alliance is entitled to submit one majority and one minority amendment. Supporting organisations are allowed two amendments

Programme: the test of 1917

15 Feb 2001

Socialist Alliance

15 Feb 2001

LSA jolts Labour in Lewisham

CWI crisis

08 Feb 2001

Changing the world A comrade from the Militant tradition reflects on the parting of the ways

Rescuing Lenin and Trotsky from 'Trotskyism'

08 Feb 2001

For the first time since 1920 there is the distinct chance of uniting all serious revolutionaries in Britain in a single organisation and thereby starting the historically necessary process of building a viable mass working class party. The CPGB is absolutely clear, however, that as an aim we are against any and all centrist halfway houses, attempts to revive old Labourism, an artificial Labour Representation Committee, etc.

Taaffe's hypocrisy

01 Feb 2001

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