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Referendum has nothing to offer

Voting for Britain

25 Jan 2007

Eddie Ford takes a closer look at the 'racism row' in the Celebrity big brother house

SWP accommodates to Scottish nationalism

07 Dec 2006

The Scottish Socialist Party and Solidarity are striving to become junior partners of the Scottish National Party, writes Jim Moody

Desperate evasion and sectarianism

09 Nov 2006

A 'republican socialist party' in Britain that eschews Marxism must be a concession to nationalism. Mike Macnair responds to Dave Craig

Marxist party - an illusion

02 Nov 2006

In the absence of a world revolutionary party, a national communist party could only be a capitulation to British nationalism, argues Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group

The determination of revolution

31 Aug 2006

Jack Conrad discusses strategy and contrasts Scottish national socialism with the communist demand for national self-determination

British duality and the class struggle

10 Aug 2006

National consciousness is complex. As Jack Conrad shows, British national consciousness is particularly complex, being at the same time English, Scottish and Welsh. It also involves class and class struggle

Not oppressed but a joint oppressor

03 Aug 2006

Was Scotland subject to a takeover by England in 1707? Does Scotland suffer from English cultural imperialism? Jack Conrad questions some more left nationalist myths and assumptions

Nationalist myths are not Marxism

27 Jul 2006

Jack Conrad argues against the Scottish Socialist Party's claim that Scotland is an oppressed nation, an English colony. Prior to the 1707 Act of Union Scotland was not a nation

Different roads to unity

20 Jul 2006

Should 'one state, one party' be applied to Britain in current political circumstances? Bob Goupillot of the Republican Communist Network (Scotland) and the Scottish Socialist Party argues that the unity of the working class can at present best be served by a separate party for Scotland

Defending national socialism is not Marxism

20 Jul 2006

Jack Conrad begins an extensive reply to Bob Goupillot with an examination of the principle of 'one state, one party' and its history

Driven by neglect

20 Apr 2006

The British National Party really could not have hoped for better press in the lead-up to the May local elections in England. Huw Bynon reports

Driven by neglect

13 Apr 2006

Driven by neglect

Allying with the nationalists

02 Mar 2006

Nick Rogers looks at the key issue before this weekend's SSP annual conference

Healthcare and moral hysteria

08 Jan 2004

New Labour is proposing to charge failed asylum-seekers for healthcare. There is more to this move than budget trimming, argues Jem Jones

Provocative and insulting

04 Dec 2003

There was nothing remotely progressive in the defeat of Jacobitism, argues Dave Douglass, in this response to Neil Davidson of the Scottish Socialist Party's Socialist Worker platform

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