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Günter Grass and the German neurosis

Football fan nationalism and ‘anti-fascist’ theatre

05 Nov 2009

Melvin Dawson witnesses collaboration between the UAF and the police

Uncanny detective story

05 Nov 2009

James Turley reviews China Miéville’s The city and the city London 2009, pp312, £17.99

Politicising the Olympics?

21 Feb 2008

The renewed furore over China's hosting the 2008 summer Olympics says more about the bourgeoisie than Beijing, argues James Turley

Epic film

31 Jan 2008

Chris Strafford reviews Warren Beatty's Reds (Paramount DVD, 186 minutes, �19.99)

Too enigmatic?

31 Jan 2008

Mike Belbin reviews Joel and Ethan Coen's No country for old men - on general release

Saving culture from capitalism

31 Jan 2008

The dispute over cuts in Arts Council funding demonstrates the baleful influence of capitalism on culture, argues James Turley

A 'people's' tragedy

06 Dec 2007

Lawrence Parker reviews Ben Harker's Class act: the cultural and political life of Ewan MacColl Pluto Press, 2007, £15.99, pp360

A load of old Balzac

15 Nov 2007

Is there such a thing as a 'Marxist art'? James Turley takes issue with Hillel Ticktin

From must-see to snore-fest

18 Oct 2007

The 51st annual London Film Festival opens this week with a plethora of films from around the world. Jim Moody reviews a selection from the 270 feature films and shorts that will be screened up to the end of this month

Straw men and solitary revolution

04 Oct 2007

The 'high modernism v improvisation' debate represents a false dichotomy, writes Wieland Hoban

Challenging the commodity form

27 Sep 2007

The intermediary terrain that Wieland Hoban claims musicians should inhabit in order to "engage with the world" does not exist, argues Gordon Downie

Class cookery

20 Sep 2007

Lawrence Parker reviews Nigella Express (BBC2 Mondays, 8pm)

Inspired flashes, mainstream values

09 Aug 2007

Jeremy Butler reviews Harry Potter and the deathly hallows

Quixotic windmills

02 Aug 2007

Is the detailed notation of musical composition more democratic than free improvisation? Composer Wieland Hoban responds to Gordon Downie's article, 'Art and commodification'

Art and commodification

26 Jul 2007

The working class must have access to the most advanced and sophisticated means of cultural production, argues composer Gordon Downie

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