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Europe's mutual suicide pact

19 Jan 2012

Austerity plans pursued by European governments are proving to be self-defeating, writes Eddie Ford

Corruption and crime

04 Mar 2010

The breathtaking hypocrisy surrounding the Mills case must be exposed, argues Toby Abse

Masses force leaders to act

26 Nov 2009

The difficulties faced by the Irish working class cannot be understated, writes Anne Mc Shane

New vision for Europe wanted

08 Oct 2009

James Turley argues that the bourgeoisie is incapable of uniting Europe on any secure basis

Julius Caesar and the death agony of the republic

28 Feb 2008

Chris Gray continues his series on the class battles in ancient Rome

Fighting against the odds

21 Feb 2008

In the third article in his series on the Roman empire, Chris Gray looks at the efforts of Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus to defeat the landowning oligarchy

Expansion and slave society

14 Feb 2008

In the second article in his series on the Roman empire Chris Gray examines the imperial oligarchy

Patricians and plebeians

07 Feb 2008

What lessons does the class struggle in ancient Rome have for today? Chris Gray begins a series of articles with the plebeian fight for equality

Treaty of Lisbon and a workers' Europe

31 Jan 2008

In the name of democracy and internationalism, Mike Macnair argues against calls for a referendum

Back on the agenda

21 Jun 2007

The process of imposing a European Union constitution has resumed, writes Jim Moody

Blow to Adams' ambitions

11 May 2007

The status quo prevails in the aftermath of Ireland's general election, bringing disappointment in particular to Sinn Féin. Anne Mc Shane reports

Choosing the butcher

15 Feb 2007

With the presidential elections looming and the two mainstream candidates neck and neck, France's establishment looks set to take another step towards its goal of establishing a stable, two-party system. Peter Manson looks at the failure of the left to provide an alternative

Equality and the Euro gravy train

29 Jul 2004

Peter Mandelson's nomination as Britain's EU commissioner sheds light on the undemocratic nature of the EU. Jack Conrad examines how communists should challenge this institution - to build a truly democratic Europe from below

Electoral deal ratified

11 Dec 2003

Peter Manson reports on the French left and the EU elections

Unite for a social Europe

27 Nov 2003

This appeal, the grandiosely named ‘Declaration of the assembly of actors and social movements’, was passed on November 16, the last day of the Paris European Social Forum.

Seize opportunity

12 Nov 2003

As the European Union tries to introduce its quasi-democratic constitution, expands to the east, adopts the single currency and looks to a unitary European defence force, our side is left to play catch-up, says Marcus Ström

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