Democracy & State

Overcoming the enemies within

17 May 2012

The left must unite in order to change the relationship of forces both within and outside the Labour Party, argues Mike Macnair

Representation - crisis unresolved

26 Jan 2006

As expected, the RMT's 'Crisis in working class representation' conference was almost entirely a gathering of the organised left, writes Peter Manson. The union bureaucracy has no intention of founding a new political party

Festival of Labourism?

19 Jan 2006

The working class movement needs its own republican socialist party, argues Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group

Defend free speech

19 Jan 2006

Abu Hamza and Nick Griffin have more in common than they would like to admit: both are being prosecuted for their views and speeches - rather than their actions. Communists must take a firm stand against the chipping away of our civil liberties, because left critics of the government might be next in line, says Tina Becker

Scramble for centre ground

12 Jan 2006

Emily Bransom comments on the resignation of Charles Kennedy

Umbilical cord joins New Labour to Cameron's Tories

05 Jan 2006

Graham Bash (Labour Left Briefing) assesses the left's prospects for 2006 - and urges support for an unusual candidate to the new Labour Party NEC

The tip of the iceberg

05 Jan 2006

Liam O Ruairc comments on the outing of leading Sinn Fein member Denis Donaldson as a spy for the British secret service

Booze and moral panics

15 Dec 2005

How should communists view the new '24-hour-drinking'-legislation? Eddie Ford says that alcohol and drugs are class questions

A full life for the elderly

01 Dec 2005

Eddie Ford looks at the long awaited Pensions Commission report and puts forward the communist programme: for retirement at 60, for the tripling of pensions

United democratic opposition needed

24 Nov 2005

Principled communists and socialists should start working together in order to combat accustions of islamophobia and treachery, says Anne Mc Shane

Bizarre, upside-down politics

24 Nov 2005

Peter Tatchell responds to the implied SWP charge of racism and islamophobia against him and Outrage

Don't dare read this!

24 Nov 2005

Even possession of this article could see you prosecuted, warns Eddie Ford

Fundamental right to migrate

24 Nov 2005

Steven Brooks joined Michael Lavalette in forming a Respect group on Preston council when he left the Labour Party earlier this year. He voted in favour of the two motions calling for the abolition of immigration controls. Anne Mc Shane spoke to him after the debate

Decision time for SWP

17 Nov 2005

The Socialist Workers Party is still refusing to take responsibility for two of their members who voted for the scandalous pension deal in the PCSU: Martin John has resigned from the party and no action has been taken against Sue Bond. Lee Rock, national secretary of the PCSU Socialist Caucus, reports

For a Sixth Republic

10 Nov 2005

Blogs censored

10 Nov 2005

Internet host Skyblog has closed down several blogs after comments in favour of the rioters were posted. Nevertheless others have sprung up to replace them, some exercising self-censorship. All express a variety of views, including from people in the cit├ęs (estates)

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