Capitalism & Crisis

The decline of money

01 Mar 2012

If we are to understand the present crisis we need to grasp the decaying relationship between money, production and value. Hillel Ticktin discusses the growth of fictitious capital and impossibility of getting money to make money

Crypto unTethered

19 May 2022

Speculation is inherent in capitalism, writes Michael Roberts. That is why we have seen the appearance of cryptocurrencies

Understanding capitalist dynamics

12 May 2022

Ian Wright reviews 'How labor powers the global economy' by Emmanuel Farjoun, Moshé Machover and David Zachariah (Springer Publishing 2022, pp166, £90)

A new Marshall plan?

05 May 2022

The US and its allies see the war as a heaven-sent opportunity to weaken Russia, writes Michael Roberts. Next will come China - and the working class will pay the price

Stunts, problems and solutions

05 May 2022

The ‘right to buy’ scam exposes the Tories as the party of buy-to-let landlords, property speculators and City-boy financiers, argues Mike Macnair

Trouble in paradise

05 May 2022

Like other such territories, the British Virgin Islands is an outpost of corrupt City of London financial scams and operations, writes Eddie Ford

Split three ways

28 Apr 2022

Low growth and high unemployment will continue, not go away. Michael Roberts looks at the world’s fifth largest economy following the presidential election

Alternative to ‘restraint’

21 Apr 2022

Neither establishment explanation for the cause of inflation is valid, argues Michael Roberts

SUPPLEMENT: Imperialism and the state (Part IV)

14 Apr 2022

There can never be a world capitalist state. Hierarchy and inequality between many states is an inevitable feature of capitalism

SUPPLEMENT: Imperialism and the state (Part III)

07 Apr 2022

Capitalism produces huge wealth and huge inequalities, both of which play a role in recurring crises

Process of poverty

07 Apr 2022

Will there be a new Winter of Discontent in response to the cost of living crisis? Eddie Ford is hopeful, but it will only happen with organisation and challenging the grip of the trade union bureaucracy

Squeezing the poor

31 Mar 2022

The chancellor’s spring statement means increasing numbers will have to choose between eating or heating, writes Eddie Ford

SUPPLEMENT: Imperialism and the state (Part I)

17 Mar 2022

Early, not late, capitalism generated imperialism, and capitalism without the state is impossible

First Iran, now Russia

17 Mar 2022

Sanctions, whether ‘targeted’ or not, inevitably affect the mass of ordinary people, argues Yassamine Mather, while those at the top use them to tighten their grip on power

Triumphalism to pessimism

17 Mar 2022

Does the Russia-Ukraine war epitomise a crisis of liberalism brought about by attacks from the populist right and the so-called anti-scientific left? Perhaps so - but not in the way Francis Fukuyama imagines, suggests Paul Demarty

Third great depression

17 Mar 2022

Not only are economic contradictions at play. There is the ecological crisis and, of course, war. Michael Roberts says that only socialism can save humanity

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