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Online Communist Forum

Sunday October 24 5pm, 'A week in politics'

Corbyn and post-Corbyn Labour Party

Agreed by the January 25 meeting of CPGB members and supporters

Perspectives 2019-20

Unanimously agreed by CPGB members meeting on March 2 in London

NCG elections: no vote

A call from Labour Party Marxists

Prospects of a Corbyn government


Communist University 2017: Who is speaking and when

A list of speakers and current timetable

The Manchester bombing

Statement from the PCC of the CPGB

Final resolution

Adopted by the May 7, 2017 CPGB aggregate meeting

Vote Galloway

The following CPGB statement was issued prior to the May 5 election

Nationalise Tata

A statement from the Provisional Central Committee of the CPGB

SUPPLEMENT: Third programme of the Communist Party of Great Britain

This is the Draft programme of the CPGB as agreed by the Provisional Central Committee. It will be put before a special conference of CPGB members before the end of 2010. Comments, suggestions, and criticisms are welcome

Harpal Brar invite

The fight for Party

Motions to the LSA submitted by the CPGB

Communists murdered

PCC solidarity

Open letters

The CPGB PCC has written to the NUJ Morning Star chapel and the CPB executive committee, declaring its support for the strike aims

Thesis on revolutionary openness

This thesis was discussed at the CPGB’s aggregate last weekend. Comrades from Manchester opposed it and presented an alternative motion. The thesis, itself the result of intense discussion and amendment, had the backing of the Provisional Central Committee and was overwhelmingly carried, but with the Manchester comrades voting against. Their own motion was then carried by a large majority. The Weekly Worker will be discussing this important question over the coming period

Thesis on factions

Agreed by the CPGB (PCC) and RDG (OC)

For communist unity

Open letter to the SWP central committee

Communist Party Offensive 95

Theses on factions

CPGB Provisional Central Committee resolution agreed at the Party membership aggregate of June 4 1995