Towards rapprochement

Some points of agreement between the Provisional Central Committee and the Revolutionary Democratic Group (faction of the Socialist Workers Party)

During the last year or so we have been able to identify a number of common points of agreement. These points represent the political basis for the ‘coming together’ of the two organisations.

  1. The need for a revolutionary programme.
  2. There should be a minimum programme, an important part of which must be the central demand for a federal republic.
  3. A strategy based on a revolutionary democratic road to socialism and communism as permanent or ongoing revolution. Hence the need for a vanguard party to win the battle for democracy.
  4. The united front tactic.
  5. For building a minority movement in the trade unions.
  6. For standing candidates.
  7. For full faction rights under democratic centralism.

These points are by no means the end of the debate, but are the beginning of further discussion and clarification. For example a “federal republic”, a “revolutionary democratic road” and “minimum programme” are quite capable of different interpretations. But they differentiate us from ‘unionism’, ‘the parliamentary or syndicalist roads’ and maximalist programmes.