Harpal Brar invite

Several scheduled debates at this year’s Communist University will touch on the historical experience of the USSR. We have invited comrades from a wide variety of political backgrounds to present views on this historically unique social formation.

 Notable amongst those invited is Harpal Brar, editor of Lalkar, member of the leadership of the Socialist Labour Party and one of this country’s leading defenders of Stalin. His session should be one of the most lively of the entire school.

Those comrades who dismiss the influence of ‘Stalinism’ in this country show a narrow insularity. Among exile and émigré populations such as those from Turkey or the Indian sub-continent, these ideas live, mutate and have a relatively mass political audience.

Communist University ’98

A week of intensive debate and discussion for all socialists and communists.

Includes specialist discussion groups on the Soviet Union and the fight for a mass party.

August 1-8, Brunel University, Uxbridge, West London - ten minutes from Uxbridge Tube.