Motions to the LSA submitted by the CPGB

Motion 1

1. The London Socialist Alliance is a united front of socialists. It is open to affiliation from individuals, borough Socialist Alliances, trade union bodies, political and other working class organisations. The Alliance is committed to democratically agreed campaigns on any issue of relevance to furthering the cause of socialism.

2. The Socialist Alliances are not yet party organisations. The structure of the Alliances are based on inclusive not exclusive principles. Minority views are tolerated and given the opportunity to become the majority. The London Socialist Alliance shall hold general meetings to discuss the direction of the Alliance and debate political questions.

3. The London Socialist Alliance steering committee will provide overall political direction and administrative coordination. It will consist of:

4. The London Socialist Alliance is committed to a principled orientation to socialists within the Labour Party and progressive political organisations not affiliated to the Socialist Alliance.

5. The London Socialist Alliance recognises no contradiction between building and organising the Alliances in either a bottom-up or top-down manner. Borough Socialist Alliances have full autonomy to organise their own political campaigns and to implement London Socialist Alliance campaigns as they see fit. In addition the London Socialist Alliance will build the Alliances through initiating its own campaigns and where appropriate following the lead of the National Network of Socialist Alliances.

Motion 2

The London Socialist Alliance is committed to building an all-Britain Socialist Alliance.