The fight for Party

Rosa Luxemburg spoke of the struggle for a genuine mass revolutionary party of the class being framed between two dangers. On the one hand, the danger of sectarianism; on the other, that of opportunism.

This is particularly germane for us in the CPGB. Therefore one of the main courses at this year’s Communist University examines the fight for Party in the contemporary conditions of today’s class struggle. Speakers from a number of organisations - both those that could be considered ‘sectarian’ and those that could be considered ‘opportunist’ (the International Bolshevik Tendency and Alliance for Workers’ Liberty being perfect examples) have agreed to do openings for what promises to be a series of lively and mutually beneficial discussions - not least in terms of educating CPGB members and supporters

Communist University ’98

A week of intensive debate and discussion for all socialists and communists.

Includes specialist discussion groups on the Soviet Union and the fight for a mass party.

August 1-8, Brunel University, Uxbridge, West London - ten minutes from Uxbridge tube.