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Dead Russians

European Social Forum: PCF attacked

20 Nov 2003

The PCF was attacked with bottles and fireworks by a gaggle of two to three hundred anarchists. David Moran witnessed events

Rewinning our day

01 May 2003

It is time we reclaim May Day from the Stalinists, says Eddie Ford

Stalin's system of terror

06 Mar 2003

The 50th anniversary of Joseph Stalin's death on March 5 1953 has been used as an occasion to revisit the massive terror he personally ordered and presided over from the late 1920s onwards. Jack Conrad investigates the legacy of 'the man of steel'

Try Milosevic!

12 Oct 2000

The mass popular insurrection that overthrew the regime of Slobodan Milosevic on October 5 brings to an end a bloody chapter in the history of the Balkans. Milosevic's 11 years in power brought nothing but ruin to the region, to the non-Serbian people of the former Yugoslavia, and ultimately to the Serbian people themselves.

Rotten politics and military blocs

12 Oct 2000

Ernest assessment

14 Sep 2000

Gilbert Achcar (ed) The legacy of Ernest Mandel Verso, London 1999, pp270, $45

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