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Dead Russians

Police slaughter and apologetics

13 Sep 2012

The Morning Star has come unstuck with its uncritical support for the ANC, writes Peter Manson

Diplomacy and dissonance

19 Jul 2012

The Morning Star’s CPB is ‘concerned and worried’ about the Communist Party of China’s embrace of capitalist relations. Lawrence Parker reports

Ideologically bankrupt

14 Jun 2012

The South African Communist Party has published a new version of its programme. Peter Manson analyses 'The South African road to socialism'

A flag tainted with brown

24 Nov 2011

Chris Strafford condemns the Morning Star-sponsored meeting of nationalists, anti-Semites, and homophobes

Vile class-collaboration on display at Westminster

27 Oct 2011

Peter Manson looks at the reaction of the Morning Star to the defeat of the Commons motion for a referendum on the European Union

Lessons from 'history'

20 Oct 2011

Laurence Parker reviews Robert Griffiths and Ben Stevenson, The Communist Party 1920-2010: 90 years of struggle for the working class and humanity (CPB History Group, 2010, pp44,

ANC bureaucrats target youth league demagogue

20 Oct 2011

The South African Communist Party has no answer to Julius Malema's black nationalism, writes Peter Manson

Fighting Stalinism politically

05 May 2011

James Turley responds to Paul B Smith

Capitalism with Chinese characteristics

17 Mar 2011

Ben Lewis wonders why some still consider China a model for socialist development

Stalinist barriers to study and thought

03 Mar 2011

Paul B Smith concludes his call for a renewed Marxist culture

Lies that refuse to be buried

24 Feb 2011

On the anniversary of the 1933 Reichstag fire, Bob Potter looks back at the trial of Marinus van der Lubbe and Georgi Dimitrov

A Marxist culture free from the taint of Stalinism

24 Feb 2011

In the first of two articles, Paul B Smith argues that Marxism must be distinguished from Stalinism if a new generation of anti-capitalists fighters are to be properly educated. The starting point must be Marx's 'Capital'

Marxism and theoretical overkill

20 Jan 2011

Mike Macnair reviews Jairus Banaji's 'History as theory: essays on modes of production and exploitation' Historical Materialism books series, Vol 25, Leiden, 2010, pp406, £81

More glasnost, less perestroika

13 Jan 2011

Maciej Zurowski interviews Circles Robinson of 'Havana Times', a web magazine that features critical writing from Cuba

Haunted by ghosts

06 Jan 2011

The death of Mary Rosser has opened up a can of worms. Sammy Hollingworth wonders why leading CPB members have such a strained relationship with the past

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