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Dead Russians

The trouble with Browder

16 Dec 2010

Lawrence Parker continues his exploration of the CPGB's inner-party life following World War II

Their finest hour?

09 Dec 2010

The end of World War II saw an angry rebellion developing among the 'official' Communist Party's rank and file, writes Lawrence Parker

Slow death of Cuban 'socialism'

23 Sep 2010

The capitalist road is the only one open to an isolated Cuba, writes James Turley

Soviet 'planning' and bolt-on democracy

12 Nov 2009

SPEW's Socialism event had a session on Stalinism's collapse. Mark Fischer points out what it represents for Marxists

Dead Russians

12 Mar 2009

Jack Conrad defends Lenin and Trotsky, and issues a health warning about Arthur Scargill, George Galloway, Robert Griffiths and others who want to forget, belittle or maintain silence over the crimes of Stalin

Solzhenitsyn: false prophet

04 Sep 2008

Paul Flewers, author of 'The new civilisation? Understanding Stalin's Soviet Union 1929-1941', investigates how a hero of western anti-communism came to be abandoned by his former promoters

In the middle of the 'Road'

06 Mar 2008

Lawrence Parker reveals new evidence of Stalin's legacy in the post-war CPGB programme

Sunshine Stalinism ends?

28 Feb 2008

James Turley looks at the mixed response of the left and the prospect of a 'Cuban Deng'

Hidden from history

22 Nov 2007

Lawrence Parker, The kick inside - revolutionary opposition in the CPGB 1960-1991 2007, £4.00 (+ £1.15 postage), pp75

No more historical abortions

14 Dec 2006

Hillel Ticktin highlights the bogus nature of planning in the Soviet Union and locates the central importance of Europe for the transition to socialism

Big people and the small state

08 Jan 2004

Tory leader Michael Howard declares: "I believe the people should be big. That the state should be small." This is a sentiment that authentic Marxists would wholeheartedly concur with, writes Jack Conrad

Divided four ways

08 Jan 2004

There are deep divisions in the leadership of the 'Morning Star's Communist Party of Britain over what attitude to adopt towards the new Respect coalition. Can its forthcoming special congress resolve the contradictions? Alan Rees investigates

European Social Forum: PCF attacked

20 Nov 2003

The PCF was attacked with bottles and fireworks by a gaggle of two to three hundred anarchists. David Moran witnessed events

Rewinning our day

01 May 2003

It is time we reclaim May Day from the Stalinists, says Eddie Ford

Stalin's system of terror

06 Mar 2003

The 50th anniversary of Joseph Stalin's death on March 5 1953 has been used as an occasion to revisit the massive terror he personally ordered and presided over from the late 1920s onwards. Jack Conrad investigates the legacy of 'the man of steel'

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