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Dead Russians

North Korea: A very Kimist purge

19 Dec 2013

The bureaucratic apparatus in North Korea is becoming increasingly dysfunctional, writes Eddie Ford

Mandela: He was a bourgeois hero

12 Dec 2013

South African Marxist Hillel Ticktin discusses the role of Nelson Mandela with Peter Manson

Mandela: Creation of a cult

12 Dec 2013

The ruling class is honouring a man who helped make South Africa safe for capitalist exploitation, writes Peter Manson

China: Beijing’s new turn

21 Nov 2013

As the third plenum shows, China is moving towards some form of state capitalism, writes Eddie Ford

USSR: Getting the Soviet Union right

07 Nov 2013

On the 96th anniversary of the October Revolution, Jack Conrad engages with the Russian question

China: Populism and plutocracy

29 Aug 2013

The trial of Bo Xilai reveals contradictions at the top of Chinese society, argues Paul Demarty

South Africa: Governmental communists turn to witch-hunting

04 Jul 2013

Outsiders are used to explain away the class struggle, writes Peter Manson

Istanbul revolt suppressed

20 Jun 2013

Esen Uslu reports from Istanbul on the brutal repression that finally saw off the rearguard action of the protestors

Turkey: Battle for secularism

13 Jun 2013

Opposition to creeping Islamisation is not confined to the protestors in Taksim Square and elsewhere, argues Eddie Ford. The army is also deeply disgruntled with the AKP

Turkey: In revolt against AKP dictat

13 Jun 2013

Esen Uslu reports from Istanbul

Kick Inside: Confined within the framework of Stalinism

31 Jan 2013

Paul Flewers reviews: Lawrence Parker The kick inside: revolutionary opposition in the CPGB, 1945-1991, November Publications, 2012, pp118, £6

Supplement: Origins of the crisis in the SWP - part one

10 Jan 2013

The Soviet Union question, by Jack Conrad (pdf available here)

USSR polemic: In defence of defencism

10 Jan 2013

The Soviet Union did indeed feature a form a form of planning, argues Jim Creegan in his reply to Paul Flewers

'Official' CPGB History: Scotching the myths

10 Jan 2013

The history of the ‘official’ CPGB was much more complex than ‘tankies versus Euros’. This is the book-launch speech given by Lawrence Parker in December

USSR Review: Sticking with old dogmas that have failed time and again

29 Nov 2012

Paul Flewers reviews: Workers Power, 'The degenerated revolution: the rise and fall of the Stalinist states', Prinkipo, 2012, pp584, £13.90

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