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Overcoming the enemies within

Limits of Labourism

22 Apr 2010

Ben Lewis reviews Labour Representation Committee's 'A people's agenda: a pamphlet for the general election 2010'* pp12, donation

Vote for Labour anti-cuts, anti-war candidates

08 Apr 2010

Prepare for a political fightback, writes James Turley

Less radical than clause four

18 Mar 2010

A trained economist and computer scientist with a political background in Maoism, Paul Cockshott damns the CPGB's Draft programme as being to the right of Labour governments past and present

Taking Labour seriously

21 Jan 2010

The Labour Representation Committee has just published a list of Labour candidates that it will be actively supporting in the coming general election. It is a starting point, argues Ben Lewis

Waiting and hoping: LRC

19 Nov 2009

The Labour left is hoping just to maintain its foothold in the party and in parliament, writes Dave McAllister

Making and unmaking Labour

30 Jul 2009

An alternative to the Labour Party will only ever grip masses of workers if it is an alternative to Labourism, writes Mike Macnair

Devil in the detail

22 Nov 2007

Mark Fischer spoke to both sides of an important debate at the November 17 Labour left conference

Plumbers and teachers

25 Oct 2007

James Turley is not surprised that 10 years of Labour rule have not created a "classless society". But does class still matter?

Labour left at sea

04 Oct 2007

Confusion rules after the Labour conference in Bournemouth, writes Dave Isaacson

Unions capitulate to Gordon Brown

27 Sep 2007

Graham Bash of Labour Briefing comments on the closing down of the remaining vestiges of Labour Party democracy at the Bournemouth conference

Plaid Cymru's left collapses

05 Jul 2007

Last week Plaid Cymru's left AMs voted to support the 'One Wales' document that now seems likely to form the basis of a Labour-Plaid coalition government in the Welsh assembly over the next four years. Bob Davies reports

More pro-capitalist than ever

05 Jul 2007

Jim Moody comments on Gordon Brown's 'ministry of all the talents'

Left pragmatism led to Blair and Brown

21 Jun 2007

As far as most people are concerned, the question raised by the Labour Party's deputy leadership election was not 'Who will win?' but rather 'Who cares who wins?' Mary Godwin comments

Brown's left cover?

07 Jun 2007

Labour's deputy leadership election has met with a pretty muted response from the left. This is hardly surprising, says Mary Godwin

Labour left in crisis

17 May 2007

Jack Conrad and Jim Moody comment on John McDonnell's failure to get onto the ballot paper for the Labour leadership election

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