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Europe's mutual suicide pact

Expecting the unexpected

12 Apr 2012

The euro crisis never went away. But resistance to austerity is certain to intensify, says Eddie Ford

Monti forces through right to sack

22 Mar 2012

With most union leaders caving in, the Italian premier has got broad agreement for the proposed eradication of the workers statute. Toby Abse reports

Strike boosts resistance

15 Mar 2012

As an Italian engineers strike widens to include political issues, Toby Abse looks at how this will affect the battle to save Article 18

Bourgeoisie fears spread of political contagion

15 Mar 2012

Despite the bailout, Greece remains the weakest link, argues Savas Michael-Matsas of the EEK (Workers Revolutionary Party)

Pre-revolutionary situation triggers talk of a coup

08 Mar 2012

Whether or not Athens 'selectively' defaults this week, writes Eddie Ford, the working class is refusing to be ruled in the old way

Rifondazione opposes rail link

08 Mar 2012

Workers' discontent has found an unexpected outlet, notes Toby Abse

Berlusconi still in the dock

01 Mar 2012

The former premier may have been 'cleared' on a technicality, writes Toby Abse, but the repercussions of the whole affair persist in both the Italian and British establishments

Europe's mutual suicide pact

19 Jan 2012

Austerity plans pursued by European governments are proving to be self-defeating, writes Eddie Ford

No surrender on article 18

12 Jan 2012

Toby Abse reports on the intransigent defence of Italy's Workers' Statute coming from an unexpected source

Playing the blame game

22 Dec 2011

With hundreds of billions of debt due to be repaid in the first quarter of next year, writes Eddie Ford, the euro zone crisis has not gone away

Europe and the delusions of leftwing nationalism

15 Dec 2011

David Cameron's veto is a dangerous blunder, argues James Turley - so why does the left reproduce Tory stupidity on the EU?

Cameron's Euro veto con trick

15 Dec 2011

Despite the deepening rift between the Tories and Liberal Democrats over Europe, writes Eddie Ford, both are committed to further attacks on the working class

Three-hour general strike forces concessions

15 Dec 2011

Italian workers are determined to defend their pensions, writes Toby Abse

Budget assault ups the ante

08 Dec 2011

Almost all Italian parties have fallen in behind the attacks fronted by the new government of technocrats, reports Toby Abse

ULA must take itself seriously

01 Dec 2011

Anne McShane argues that the United Left Alliance must take a lead

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