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'Transitional' to what?

02 Aug 2007

Setting the scene for a series of articles on 'permanent revolution', Mike Macnair argues that the dictatorship of the proletariat must take the specific form of the democratic republic

Scotland: Exeunt, stage left?

24 Jul 2014

Would an independent Scotland provide a radical impetus for socialism? Chris Gray examines the claims

Where next for People's Assembly?

19 Jun 2014

More than lowest common denominator politics is needed to challenge austerity, argues Peter Manson

Against bad things

12 Jun 2014

Richard Seymour Against austerity: How we can fix the crisis they made? Pluto Press, 2014, pp198, £11.50

Playing a fool's game

12 Jun 2014

The ‘common sense’ consensus on migration stretches from Ukip and the Tories to the CPB and SPEW, writes Peter Manson

CWI: A bureaucratic farce

20 Feb 2014

The anti-Keynesian dissident, Bruce Wallace, has been suspended, reports Paul Demarty

TUSC: Looking over its shoulder

06 Feb 2014

Daniel Harvey reports on Tusc’s local election conference

Shipwreck of dreams

23 Jan 2014

Daniel Harvey looks at the lessons of the Socialist Alliance for today

Time to take principles seriously

16 Jan 2014

The Socialist Platform’s claim to the mantle of principled politics is entirely bogus, says Daniel Harvey

Liquidationism: End of the road

12 Dec 2013

The Anti-Capitalist Initiative is about to fold. Meanwhile the International Socialist Network looks set to splinter. Harley Filben explores the politics of the marsh

Stuart Hall: Left’s great ‘moving right’ show

05 Dec 2013

Daniel Harvey reviews: Stuart Hall, Doreen Massey, Michael Rustin (eds) 'After neoliberalism? The Kilburn manifesto', Soundings, 2013

Die Linke: Courtship with an eye on 2017

21 Nov 2013

The latest developments in German politics should serve as a reality check for the ‘broad party’ advocates in this country, argues Ben Lewis

Oppose nationalism across the board

24 Oct 2013

Use the May 2014 Euro elections to fight for socialism and internationalism, argues James Marshall of Labour Party Marxists

IS Network: Battling with a rotten legacy

24 Oct 2013

Daniel Harvey looks at developments in the political regroupment project centred on the International Socialist Network following its weekend conference

Left culture: Politics for dummies

03 Oct 2013

Paul Demarty asks why so many on the left are afraid of talking politics

Safe spaces: Conway-Hudson school of censorship

26 Sep 2013

Paul Demarty defends the idea of free speech on the left

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