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'Transitional' to what?

02 Aug 2007

Setting the scene for a series of articles on 'permanent revolution', Mike Macnair argues that the dictatorship of the proletariat must take the specific form of the democratic republic

Going into overdrive

06 Oct 2016

On the one hand, the Morning Star is supporting Jeremy Corbyn completely uncritically, writes Peter Manson. On the other, it claims the real action is ‘on the streets’

Victory and retreat

29 Sep 2016

Despite the talk about ‘wiping the slate clean’, Jim Grant of Labour Party Marxists expects the war to continue

Lock up the thugs

29 Sep 2016

Once more, the SACP finds itself on the wrong side of the class divide, writes Peter Manson

Return of the popular front

28 Jul 2016

The desire for a ‘party of the 99%’ represents a form of political collapse, argues Eddie Ford

Obscuring class politics

09 Jun 2016

Phil Duncan condemns socialists who supported the Bernie Sanders campaign and counterposes it to building a Marxist party

New federation put on hold

05 May 2016

Cosatu rival is yet to get off the ground, reports Peter Manson

Drawing lines of distinction

14 Apr 2016

We need to look beyond 2020, urges Paul Demarty

Tide turns against Zuma

07 Apr 2016

While the ‘official communists’ are now looking for a change of leadership, writes Peter Manson, they have no intention of championing working class independence

Straight-talking left

07 Apr 2016

There is nothing to fear from openly and honestly reporting our meetings, writes Sarah McDonald

Meaningless noise

12 Mar 2015

Workers Power has made a strange new ally. Daniel Harvey reports

Proceeds of crime

25 Sep 2014

The referendum exposed the economism of what still passes for the left, argues Paul Demarty

Recalling the nine days

18 Sep 2014

A commitment to official union structures, and an inability to grasp the potential of organisations created by workers in struggle meant the miner's strike was a test most of the left failed, says Mark Fischer

While the NUM waged war ...

07 Aug 2014

Mark Fischer introduces another Leninist reprint, this time on the fight against liquidationist tendencies in the CPGB

National socialist illusions

24 Jul 2014

Labour’s plans for the part-nationalisation of the rail network have caused confusion over at the Morning Star, writes Peter Manson

The Bolsheviks’ success and the ‘revolutionary’ fear of electoralism

24 Jul 2014

Mike Macnair reviews two books by August Nimtz in the context of the left's fear of politics

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