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'Transitional' to what?

02 Aug 2007

Setting the scene for a series of articles on 'permanent revolution', Mike Macnair argues that the dictatorship of the proletariat must take the specific form of the democratic republic

Socialist Platform: Politics of prejudice

19 Sep 2013

The fear of political groups and impatience with political meetings on display at the Socialist Platform’s first national meeting are deeply linked - and politically pernicious, argues Paul Demarty

Socialist Platform leaders: Headlong collapse into politics of the labour bureaucracy

19 Sep 2013

Peter Manson reports on the undemocratic manoeuvres of the drafting group

Socialist Platform: An exchange

12 Sep 2013

Message sent to the Socialist Platform drafting group by the CPGB and a reply from the comrades

CWI Ireland: Attempt to silence critics

08 Aug 2013

Anne McShane surveys the response to CWI member Craig Murphy's honest and forthright article on the Socialist Party in Ireland

ISNetwork: Entropy, therapy and eclecticism

18 Jul 2013

The International Socialist Network is still trapped by SWP politics, argues Harley Filben

AWL school: Economism and frontist delusions

27 Jun 2013

Mike Macnair was at the Ideas for Freedom school to listen, to learn and to debate

People's Assembly: John Rees and the fragile politics of broadness

27 Jun 2013

Peter Manson reports on the launch of John Rees’s ‘united front against austerity’

Broad parties: Theories of deception

20 Jun 2013

The extent to which we practise transparency and democracy determines whether we can be taken seriously, argues Mike Macnair

To get out of the gutter, begin by looking up at the stars

06 Jun 2013

Should the left aim for a non-socialist stage of capitalism? A stage acceptable to Stalinites, trade union bureaucrats and left reformists? Ben Lewis responds to Tim Nelson of the International Socialist Network

Anti-sectarianism, Polish style

23 May 2013

Maciej Zurowski interviews comrades from a Polish Marxist tendency, and finds parallels with left thinking in the UK

Sectarian left: Svengalis of Left Unity block unity

16 May 2013

Peter Manson examines two contrasting views of the new attempt to revive Labourism

Student elections: Campaigning for communism

21 Mar 2013

Communist Students member Callum Williamson reports on his campaign during the Univeristy of Westminster Union student elections

Programme and Party: Broad bad, mass good

21 Feb 2013

Opportunists require mushy politics and meaningless phrases when they set out to deceive. Jack Conrad argues in favour of a mass working class party and the kind of principles and politics outlined in the Communist manifesto, the Erfurt programme and the programme of the Parti Ouvrier

SWP and programme: Transitional regression ends in a hunch

14 Feb 2013

Is the so-called transitional method the road to revolution? Jack Conrad argues against the economism of the Socialist Workers Party

Nature and Programme: Wealth of nature and counterfeit Marxism

24 Jan 2013

Why does SWP Online insist on carrying anti-Marxist nonsense? Jack Conrad shows why root-and-branch change is long overdue

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