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'Transitional' to what?

02 Aug 2007

Setting the scene for a series of articles on 'permanent revolution', Mike Macnair argues that the dictatorship of the proletariat must take the specific form of the democratic republic

Universal strategy

05 Nov 1998

Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group poses the politics of revolutionary democracy in opposition to economism

Two schools

05 Nov 1998

Party notes

Behind the mask of Trotskyism

24 Sep 1998

Reply to Ian Donovan of ‘Revolution and Truth’. Part three: self-liberation, democracy and economism

Economic struggle above democracy

27 Aug 1998

Ian Donovan of Revolution and Truth replies to ‘Trotskyite economism or revolutionary democracy?’ (Weekly Worker July 30)

SWP in practice

30 Jul 1998

Trotskyite economism or revolutionary democracy?

30 Jul 1998

Jack Conrad (CPGB) and Dave Craig (RDG, faction of the SWP) reply to Ian Donovan, editor of Revolution and Truth

Sell, sell, sell

20 Nov 1997

Around the left

Back to ‘normal’ politics

06 Nov 1997

Around the left

Welcome to the real world

18 Sep 1997

Under Labour’s shadow

18 Sep 1997

Around the left

Dismissing the national question

03 Jul 1997

Around the left

Lining up with the establishment

26 Jun 1997

Around the left

Militant Labour perspectives

23 Jan 1997

Party notes

National utopia?

18 Apr 1996

Discussions have also raged in the Economy group. Here Ian Mahoney criticises the compromise document produced

Thatcherism vs Scargillism

29 Feb 1996

The miners’ Great Strike of 1984-5 pitted the reorganised Tories against the syndicalistic politics of Scargill. Our class must learn the vital lessons from this titanic clash

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