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Wide open for the class

19 Apr 2012

What is class-consciousness? Paul B Smith discusses the possibility of a political revival

Vauxhall fightback

25 Jan 2001

Start made

Class struggle and the holocaust

18 Jan 2001

In the light of the official marking of National Holocaust Day on January 27, Eddie Ford continues his discussion of Norman Finkelstein's The holocaust industry

SWP and Lukács

18 Jan 2001

Significant engagement Georg Lukács A defence of 'History and class consciousness': tailism and the dialectic Verso, 2000, pp182, £16

Political prisoners in Turkey

11 Jan 2001

Class struggle and rhetoric

Witch-hunters, censorship and the holocaust

21 Dec 2000

Norman G Finkelstein The holocaust industry: reflections on the exploitation of Jewish suffering Verso 2000, pp150, £16.00

Tories in disarray

21 Dec 2000

Playing the race card

Bush faces paralysis

21 Dec 2000

Working class opportunity

Political prisoners in Turkey

21 Dec 2000

Vicious state assault resisted

ISO Zimbabwe

07 Dec 2000

Defend worker MP

Message of despair

23 Nov 2000

Billy Elliot, general release

Petty bourgeois protest shows need for workers' independence

16 Nov 2000

Sectarian hypocrisy

09 Nov 2000

Harry Paterson, who is in the process of being expelled from the Socialist Party, condemns the SP's counterposing of its 'new mass workers' party' to the reality of the Socialist Alliance

London Socialist Alliance and Nader

09 Nov 2000

For the first time in decades, a candidate from the left of the two main parties has made an impact on the race for the White House. In key states - particularly Oregon and Florida - Nader may have polled enough to swing the vote for president between George W Bush and Al Gore. The unprecedented deadlock was in no small measure brought about by the presence of a third candidate.

CPGB and revolutionary defeatism

09 Nov 2000

Mark Fischer has developed an interesting analysis of revolutionary defeatism (Weekly Worker October 12). Unfortunately, his approach seems to be that there is only one principled and monolithic approach to the question. In actuality the Marxist approach has undergone constant change and modification. Crucially there has been a continual tension between the possibly competing conceptions of defeatism and defencism.

Chameleon Ken's union-basher

26 Oct 2000

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