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Wide open for the class

19 Apr 2012

What is class-consciousness? Paul B Smith discusses the possibility of a political revival

Small businesses

26 Apr 2001

Provide answers for all

Our history

26 Apr 2001

Formation of the CPGB

Tory divisions exposed

26 Apr 2001


26 Apr 2001

Left unites

Child slaves

26 Apr 2001

Our history

12 Apr 2001

Red raid on Caerphilly

Whither the Tories?

12 Apr 2001

SSP retreats before drugs onslaught

22 Mar 2001

What kind of paper?

22 Mar 2001

From Iskra to Pravda

Minimum wage

15 Mar 2001

Calculated insult

Legacy of a pioneer French communist

08 Mar 2001

Revolutionary History Vol. 7, No4, Socialist Platform Ltd, BCM Box 7646, London WC1N 3XX, 2000, pp252, £6.95

Rank and file resistance

15 Feb 2001

For high politics

Strikers defy injunction

08 Feb 2001

Last Monday's strike of tubeworkers all but paralysed the London underground network, leading to the cancellation of around 92% of scheduled trains. The management of London Underground Ltd had expected to be able to run a reasonable service after obtaining an injunction in the High Court declaring the strike ballot by the Rail, Maritime and Transport union "invalid", despite the 90% RMT vote in favour of action. LUL stated it had not received enough information relating to the numbers involved in each workplace, as per its entitlement under Thatcher's anti-union legislation, now wielded by New Labour. The strike called by the other main rail union, Aslef, most of whose members are drivers, was allowed to proceed.

Defy the injunction

01 Feb 2001

A clear majority voted for industrial action over the privatisation of London Underground. The ballot produced an overwhelming 85% 'yes' vote spanning both the Aslef and RMT unions. Now the courts have imposed an injunction. The strikes were to have taken place over three successive Mondays, starting on February 5. This follows last weekend's successful national day of action called by the Socialist Alliance to demand rail renationalisation.

Rail nationalisation campaign

25 Jan 2001

Take control

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