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Taking a principled position

24 Mar 2022

Yassamine Mather takes to task the left in the Middle East and north Africa over Nato and Russia’s invasion

Four anti-war nos

10 Mar 2022

Daniel Lazare welcomes the refusal of the DSA’s international committee to go along with the Democrats’ warmongering

Disarray over abortion

06 Jan 2022

Anne McShane looks at the right’s assault on abortion in the US, the DSA’s abstentionism and the shameful record of what still passes for the left

Getting BDS and DSA right

16 Dec 2021

Not surprisingly, last week’s article by Daniel Lazare, ‘Taking a pass on Israel’, has caused some considerable controversy. Thankfully, three well-informed comrades have written replies. Needless to say, our sympathies are fully with the critics

Taking a pass on Israel

09 Dec 2021

Daniel Lazare denounces the DSA’s unprincipled stand on congressman Jamaal Bowman and controversially questions the whole BDS movement

It will not fall from the sky

04 Nov 2021

Donald Parkinson of the Marxist Unity Slate looks at the 2021 convention of the Democratic Socialists of America and maps out a path beyond the current strategic impasse

Through a feminist filter

05 Aug 2021

Gaby Rubin reviews 'Ethel Rosenberg: a cold war tragedy' by Anne Sebba

Build on solid foundations

24 Jun 2021

Socialists need a programme, but not just any old programme. Donald Parkinson of Cosmonaut magazine and the Marxist Unity Slate in the Democratic Socialists of America sets out the history and great advantages of the minimum-maximum programme

American ‘Blue Labour’?

15 Apr 2021

Mike Macnair reviews 'Virtue hoarders: the case against the professional managerial class' by Catherine Liu

Labour’s latest Waterloo

15 Apr 2021

The defeat of the campaign for union recognition at Amazon is not as straightforward as might be thought, argues Daniel Lazare

A minimum-maximum programme

11 Mar 2021

This is the mission statement of the Marxist Unity Slate - a set of proposals for the 2021 convention of the Democratic Socialists of America. The aim is to achieve democratic discipline and principled election campaigns, as well as uniting Marxists around a vision of a mass working class socialist party

Open and honest debate

14 Jan 2021

The CPGB’s first online winter school proved to be a real success. James Harvey reports


19 Nov 2020

Jonah Martell sets out twelve proposals to transform the Democratic Socialists of America

Assessing Adolph Reed

04 Sep 2020

Jim Creegan looks at the thinking of the American left’s foremost anti-identitarian

Lessons being learned

12 Mar 2020

Elements of the US left have at last awoken to the possibilities opened up by Bernie Sanders, writes Paul Demarty.

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