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Different plot twists, same ending

25 Aug 2016

Jim Creegan shows that there is nothing progressive about the Hillary Clinton’s platform

Voting for the right lizard

04 Aug 2016

Who’s afraid of president Trump? Not Paul Demarty

Two roads to ruin

30 Jun 2016

Republican establishment figures are unsure whether to throw their weight behind Donald Trump or wait for better times. Jim Creegan reports

Obscuring class politics

09 Jun 2016

Phil Duncan condemns socialists who supported the Bernie Sanders campaign and counterposes it to building a Marxist party

One, two, three revolutions

21 Apr 2016

Jack Conrad argues that democracy in the United States is corrupted and far from complete. The working class must finish what 1775 began

Tactical flexibility, political principle

31 Mar 2016

Bernie Sanders should stand as an independent socialist in the presidential election, argues Eddie Ford

Not out of it yet

03 Mar 2016

Bernie Sanders is still in the race, argues Tom Munday

Possibilities and pitfalls

25 Feb 2016

The job of socialists is to channel the opportunities opened up by the Sanders campaign into the fight for class independence, argues Jim Creegan

The real Iowa coup

04 Feb 2016

Thanks to Sanders, a space is opening up for the ideas of Marxism, argues Tom Munday

The Sanders project

22 Oct 2015

Alan Smithee compares the political shift on both sides of the Atlantic

Spontaneity and the trap of Laborism

22 Jul 1999

A member of the expelled minority of the Committee for a Workers International section in the USA slams the leadership of Peter Taaffe and Lynn Walsh

Mistaken position

04 Feb 1999

James Paris of the US Marxist Workers’ Group argues that the CPGB’s refusal to “defend Iraq” is an error that can be corrected

Open challenge to Taaffe

16 Oct 1997

Earlier this year five - ultra-economistic - members of Labor Militant (sister organisation of the Socialist Party) were expelled from the US group, whose leadership was acting in concert with the International Secretariat of the Committee for a Workers International. The expelled members included John Reiman and a leading comrade referred to as SO’T. Here we publish an extract from the US minority document, The expulsions, which calls on CWI supporters to fight for what they understand as genuine democratic centralism

One group, two lines

25 Sep 1997

Labour day in Detroit

03 Jul 1997

Socialist Labour Party ‘voided’ member and Unison activist Barry Biddulph reports on workers struggle against the odds in the USA

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