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Class, culture and generation

30 Nov 2023

Daniel Lazare welcomes the Jewish civil war that is being fought out in cancellations, sackings, demonstrations, petitions and boycotts

Charting a difficult course

08 Jun 2023

How to move the DSA away from the Democratic Party’s left fringes? The answer lies in democratic centralism. Parker McQueeney answers Red Labor

Party, unions and programme

11 May 2023

Kent Kiser and Awi Blanc of the Red Labor Caucus take issue with Parker McQueeney and call for the DSA to make an immediate ‘clean break’ with the Democratic Party

Ohio’s perfect storm

02 Mar 2023

Daniel Lazare warns that, with Trump skilfully championing poor whites, with weak trade unions and a ‘left’ intent on tailing Biden, the danger of a rightwing dictatorship grows

Resisting the incoming tide

09 Feb 2023

Daniel Lazare pours scorn on the House of Representatives’ utterly incoherent, but revealing, resolution condemning the ‘horrors of socialism’

Principled partyist strategy

08 Dec 2022

Four out of five House ‘socialists’ scabbed. Parker McQueeney of the Marxist Unity Group brings to light the deep divisions within the DSA revealed by the recent railworkers disputes

Ukraine and the ‘left’

03 Nov 2022

When on earth will the DSA and ‘the Squad’ come up with a principled position? Daniel Lazare reports on the dismal failings of the US ‘pwogs’

For a disciplined revolutionary party

22 Sep 2022

Marxist Unity Group founding congress report and perspectives

No substitute needed

15 Sep 2022

American socialists in rapture over Enough is Enough want to avoid the hard work and clear political lines necessary to establish a revolutionary party, says Daniel Lazare

Follow the UK example

01 Sep 2022

Shuvu Bhattarai upholds Enough is Enough as a model which socialists in the US ought to emulate. He sees it rapidly developing “into a mass working people’s party” built around basic bread and butter economic demands

Let’s talk about divorce

14 Jul 2022

Does Biden’s lame response to the Supreme Court mark the end of the line for the DSA’s strategic reliance on the Democrats? Daniel Lazare argues for a break

First our own rulers

14 Jul 2022

Far from running out of troops and material and facing defeat, Russian forces continue to relentlessly advance. But, Alexander Gallus of the US journal Cosmonaut argues, for us the main enemy remains at home

The party question is key

30 Jun 2022

After the Supreme Court ruling, the left is debating strategy and tactics. But the key must be establishing a party and the best place to begin is breaking the DSA from the liberal wing of the bourgeoisie, argues Matthew Strupp of the Marxist Unity Group

About-turn at the top

19 May 2022

While Democrats stampede to back the war, writes Daniel Lazare, it is the Republican right which is now anti-war

Stay, fight, win

31 Mar 2022

What is going on in the Democratic Socialists of America? Charlie Frank explains the conflict over BDS which is dividing left and right

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