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Nato paralysis and US decline

17 Jun 2011

No candidate to replace the USA exists or looks likely to arise, writes James Turley

Middle East: Israel annexes more land

06 Dec 2012

A UN vote giving increased recognition to Palestine has produced an Israeli show of contempt, writesTony Greenstein

Iran coup: Tudeh’s inglorious role

06 Dec 2012

Torab Saleth reviews: Ervand Abrahamian, 'The coup: 1953, the CIA and the roots of modern US-Iranian relations', New Press, 2013, pp304, £16.84

Gaza: Masters of the Goebbels lie

22 Nov 2012

The mainstream narrative of Israel, Palestine and the middle east is a Big Lie, writes Tony Greenstein

US elections: Mugged by reality

15 Nov 2012

The US presidential election of 2012 is less interesting for the victory of Barack Obama than for the debacle of the Republican Party, writes Jim Creegan

Obama election: Return of a rational reactionary

08 Nov 2012

The absence of a viable working class alternative means American voters are treated as fools, argues Paul Demarty

US elections: The more effective evil

01 Nov 2012

Barack Obama hardly represents a rampart against Republican extremism, as some on the left still maintain. Jim Creegan looks at the state of play in the final week of the election campaign

US elections: Crazy politics and class forces

11 Oct 2012

Jim Creegan examines the campaign of the Republican Party in the 2012 presidential elections

Iran Tribunal: Credibility drains away

04 Oct 2012

A prominent member of the German left party, Die Linke, has joined others in withdrawing support for the Iran Tribunal. Tina Becker reports

Ten years of blood and fire

08 Sep 2011

The anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks coincides with a resurgence in 'liberal interventionism'. James Turley evaluates the bloody harvest of both

Nato paralysis and US decline

17 Jun 2011

No candidate to replace the USA exists or looks likely to arise, writes James Turley

Bloody end of US-created monster

05 May 2011

Harley Filben looks at the damage wrought by US power in its convulsive decline

No change, no hope

13 Jan 2011

Jim Creegan reports on Barack Obama's surrender to Congressional Republicans and the renewed ruling class offensive following the Democrats' defeat in the US mid-term elections

Hands off Assange

09 Dec 2010

US imperialism's attempts to shut down Wikileaks must be defeated, argues Eddie Ford

Rattled by Wikileaks

02 Dec 2010

The latest revelations expose imperialist plans against Iran and the whole rotten business of hidden diplomacy. Eddie Ford calls for freedom of information

Imperialist crimes exposed

28 Oct 2010

Rather than democracy, the US/UK-led invasion and occupation of Iraq delivered a bloodbath. Eddie Ford looks at the Wikileaks revelations

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