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Nato paralysis and US decline

Iran: Step up solidarity

17 Oct 2013

The apparent thaw in US-Iran relations could offer new opportunities for the workers’ movement, argues Yassamine Mather

Telephone diplomacy riles Israeli hawks and Iranian conservatives

03 Oct 2013

Immediate results from the thaw in US-Iran relations will be few and far between, warns Yassamine Mather

Iran: Edging towards a settlement

26 Sep 2013

US sanctions appear to have produced results for imperialism, writes Yassamine Mather

US decline: The shock and awe that wasn’t

26 Sep 2013

Jim Creegan analyses the secular decline of the United States as the world hegemon and the failure of Barack Obama’s Syria gambit

Imperialism: More than Syria in its sights

19 Sep 2013

There has been a dramatic change in the politics of the Middle East, writes Yassamine Mather

Manning conviction: A sick parody of justice

08 Aug 2013

The conviction of Bradley Manning shows the need to abolish state secrecy, argues Paul Demarty

Iran: No let-up on sanctions

01 Aug 2013

How long after the inauguration of the new president before disillusionment sets in? Yassamine Mather discusses the limitations of Hassan Rowhani

Snowden and the state: David and Goliath in high tech

11 Jul 2013

People like Edward Snowden may normally function as software in a hard drive, writes Jim Creegan, but for the state they have one drawback: they can think

Militarisation of cyberspace gathers speed

13 Jun 2013

Tensions between China and the US over cyber-security are a reminder of the hidden dangers of the information age, writes Paul Demarty

Syria: Toxic weapons and revolutionary illusions

02 May 2013

Even if it is true that Assad is employing chemical weapons, writes Peter Manson, Obama does not want to act in a way that would trigger the total breakdown of the Syrian state

North Korea stand-off: Obama raises the stakes

04 Apr 2013

US provocation in the Korean peninsula has the potential to destabilise the entire region, argues Eddie Ford

Iran: Corruption, repression, fightback

07 Feb 2013

Yassamine Mather reports on the chaos that is the Islamic Republic

Middle East: Israel annexes more land

06 Dec 2012

A UN vote giving increased recognition to Palestine has produced an Israeli show of contempt, writesTony Greenstein

Iran coup: Tudeh’s inglorious role

06 Dec 2012

Torab Saleth reviews: Ervand Abrahamian, 'The coup: 1953, the CIA and the roots of modern US-Iranian relations', New Press, 2013, pp304, £16.84

Gaza: Masters of the Goebbels lie

22 Nov 2012

The mainstream narrative of Israel, Palestine and the middle east is a Big Lie, writes Tony Greenstein

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