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End the cycle of splits

24 May 2012

If the left is to build a serious political organisation it will have to facilitate internal dissent, writes Mike Macnair. And that will require both majorities and minorities to act responsibly

Point of no return

06 Jul 2023

Temperature records fall one after the other. Things are on course to get worse, not better. Clearly stunts are not enough, we need to get serious about system change, writes Eddie Ford

Supplement: Back to Nevsky!

06 Jul 2023

Lars T Lih uses an eyewitness account to dispose of some old myths and to show how, if they were to rewin their majority, the Bolsheviks had to adjust to the shock of finding themselves in a minority

Veiled lessons

29 Jun 2023

Yassamine Mather spoke to Anne McShane at a Hands Off the People of Iran meeting. Given the recent wave of arrests in Iran and new legislation reinforcing the wearing of the hijab, the experience of the Soviet Union’s Zhenotdel in the 1920s is of particular relevance.

Dumbness of dumbing down

29 Jun 2023

The Morning Star’s CPB is about to enter its pre-congress discussion period. We have here, though, a classic case of bureaucratic, not democratic, centralism. Mike Macnair investigates

First plan realities

22 Jun 2023

Clearly the first five-year plan had nothing to do with the realisation of socialist planning. In the second of two articles, Jack Conrad investigates the counterrevolution within the revolution

A year of strikes

22 Jun 2023

We must go beyond Labourism. Kevin Bean assesses the upsurge in trade union action and its limitations

Still with us in our hearts

15 Jun 2023

Fred Carpenter December 28 1952 - May 18 2023

First plan backgrounds

15 Jun 2023

Planning and socialism are synonymous. However, as Jack Conrad argues in a two-part article, there is planning and planning. The Soviet Union’s first five-year plan owed more to chaos than plan

Charting a difficult course

08 Jun 2023

How to move the DSA away from the Democratic Party’s left fringes? The answer lies in democratic centralism. Parker McQueeney answers Red Labor

Labour and Lubner’s millions

08 Jun 2023

Starmer’s new megadonor threatens to outweigh the influence of the unions, argues Paul Demarty

Confessions of a rat

01 Jun 2023

Yassamine Mather gives her judgement on an extraordinary talk and subsequent BBC interview with the former governor of the notorious Evin prison

Witch-hunt grows

18 May 2023

While some on the disoriented left will support ‘anyone but Labour’, writes Carla Roberts, Momentum and what remains of the official Labour left beg Sir Keir for unity

Party, unions and programme

11 May 2023

Kent Kiser and Awi Blanc of the Red Labor Caucus take issue with Parker McQueeney and call for the DSA to make an immediate ‘clean break’ with the Democratic Party

Blame the system itself

11 May 2023

Self-defence is no offence, insists Daniel Lazare. The death of Jordan Neely was an avoidable tragedy

The meaning of May Day

04 May 2023

First published on May 1 1907 in Clara Zetkin’s Die Gleichheit (‘Equality’), this article by Rosa Luxemburg skilfully explains the significance of International Workers’ Day - launched at the founding congress of the Second International in 1889

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