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End the cycle of splits

24 May 2012

If the left is to build a serious political organisation it will have to facilitate internal dissent, writes Mike Macnair. And that will require both majorities and minorities to act responsibly

Widening frame of debate

08 Aug 2019

Mike Macnair begins an examination of the ‘Kautsky debate’ that is taking place on the US left.

Liberal and illiberal delusions

02 Aug 2019

Mike Macnair argues that capitalism cannot escape from the battles of liberals and conservatives

Taaffe expels his majority

02 Aug 2019

Paul Demarty reports on the finalisation of the split in the Committee for a Workers’ International.

Taaffe counts his shekels

18 Jul 2019

The two sides in the CWI dispute are engaged in a tawdry wrangling over cash, writes Paul Demarty

Learn the lessons

12 Jul 2019

Rather than attempting to run capitalism, argues Peter Manson, in current circumstances we must aim to build Marxist parties of extreme opposition

Witch-hunt's biggest victim

12 Jul 2019

Chris Williamson has dared question the claim that Labour has become institutionally anti-Semitic under Jeremy Corbyn, writes Carla Roberts of Labour Party Marxists. Now he is likely to be expelled for this crime.

Squandering the Legacy

12 Jul 2019

SPEW is severing its ties with the PCS leadership - because of its political errors, argues Paul Demarty

Drop the dead donkey

04 Jul 2019

Peter Taaffe’s determination to split his would-be international is yet more proof of his unfitness for leadership, argues Paul Demarty

Force the ANC to retreat

04 Jul 2019

Going back to apartheid practices means denying democracy. Peter Manson looks at the ‘traditional peoples’ legislation

What will be left?

20 Jun 2019

The split in the Committee for a Workers’ International ought to put paid to its delusions of grandeur, writes Paul Demarty

Fiasco nears conclusion

13 Jun 2019

Peter Taaffe’s split-mongering shows that loyalty to him is the yardstick of orthodoxy in his ‘international’, argues Paul Demarty

Silent treatment

30 May 2019

The failure of some left groups to back the Labour Party is the fruit of deep-rooted problems in method, argues Paul Demarty

Negations of democratic centralism

30 May 2019

Mike Macnair completes his series of articles dealing with the issues raised by the collapse of the US International Socialist Organization

Neither kings nor bureaucrats

23 May 2019

US author and political broadcaster Suzi Weissman reports on the miraculous organisation of a conference on Leon Trotsky, which took place in Havana

Take a class stand

23 May 2019

Peter Manson condemns leftwing traitors - both of the open kind and the silent kind

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