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End the cycle of splits

24 May 2012

If the left is to build a serious political organisation it will have to facilitate internal dissent, writes Mike Macnair. And that will require both majorities and minorities to act responsibly

We need political action

29 Feb 2024

What comes first? Politics or economics? Mike Macnair responds to the criticisms of Robert Schlosser and upholds the general approach of the Marx-Engels team and their strategy of revolutionary patience

The wealth of nature

29 Feb 2024

Despite tailing the climate crisis movement, some on the left still think of labour as the source of all wealth. Jack Conrad spells out the ABCs for the SWP and the IST

Deal with the arguments

22 Feb 2024

The left needs to stop tailing spontaneity and start thinking strategically. Mike Macnair takes issue with Steve Bloom’s canonisation of Luxemburg and criticisms of democratic republicanism

Unseating the Right Hon Sir Keir

22 Feb 2024

In a bit of political theatre, two campaigns have selected Andrew Feinstein to contest Keir Starmer’s seat in the forthcoming general election. Carla Roberts reports

Monkey see, monkey do

08 Feb 2024

Revolution or vapourware? Paul Demarty assesses brain-computer interfaces and Elon Musk’s hype

Farcical Labour Party mark two

08 Feb 2024

Tusc’s February 3 convention was, by any objective assessment, an abject failure. Most of the organisations represented amount to no more than political dust, reports Carla Roberts

Communist unity and its refuseniks

25 Jan 2024

We must reject bureaucratic centralism, sects of one and diplomatic unity-mongering. Instead, we must uphold the right to engage in sharp polemics and form factions, says Mike Macnair. This is an edited version of his January 21 Online Communist Forum talk

Communists and holy war

18 Jan 2024

While the past should not and cannot be mapped onto the present, Jack Conrad argues that the approach taken by Comintern to the Muslim east contains many useful lessons - if, that is, we retain our critical faculties

Police, soldiers and gangs

18 Jan 2024

Once relatively stable, Ecuador has quickly become a failed state, highlighting the criminal failure of the insane ‘war on drugs’, writes Eddie Ford

Taciturns offer nothing positive

11 Jan 2024

Naming your organisation Talking About Socialism and then not wanting to talk is as perverse as it is revealing. Mike Macnair responds to the arguments of Nick Wrack and Will McMahon

Nothing positive to be gained

04 Jan 2024

On the need for a new mass socialist/communist party: a reply to the CPGB-PCC from Talking About Socialism…from a Marxist point of view

Joining the living dead

04 Jan 2024

Carla Roberts wishes she was surprised that Jon Lansman has joined the Jewish Labour Movement

A Marxist seeker

07 Dec 2023

From Maoism to the Sparts and beyond their sordid detritus. Alex Steiner remembers his friend and comrade Jim Creegan

Upfront, sharp and personal

30 Nov 2023

Communist unity cannot come about through broad-frontism, safe spaces or tailing the existing left. Mike Macnair responds to three recent contributions

Class, culture and generation

30 Nov 2023

Daniel Lazare welcomes the Jewish civil war that is being fought out in cancellations, sackings, demonstrations, petitions and boycotts

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