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End the cycle of splits

24 May 2012

If the left is to build a serious political organisation it will have to facilitate internal dissent, writes Mike Macnair. And that will require both majorities and minorities to act responsibly

Next step forward

31 Mar 2022

While the Socialist Party has imploded, new alternatives are emerging. Andries Stroper of the SP’s Communist Platform reports on the recent local elections

Peace-loving liberals for war

31 Mar 2022

The rhetoric of the anti-war movement has been coopted by the war party in the west, argues Paul Demarty

SUPPLEMENT: Imperialism and the state (Part II)

24 Mar 2022

The capitalist state is a form of joint-stock operation. It is, in origin, a joint venture of the bourgeois revolutionaries

Taking a principled position

24 Mar 2022

Yassamine Mather takes to task the left in the Middle East and north Africa over Nato and Russia’s invasion

A toxic operation

24 Mar 2022

Paul Houston shines a light on the murky origins of the Ukraine Solidarity Campaign

SUPPLEMENT: Imperialism and the state (Part I)

17 Mar 2022

Early, not late, capitalism generated imperialism, and capitalism without the state is impossible

Drawing clear lines on Ukraine

17 Mar 2022

The war is not just about Russia and Ukraine. Muriel Green reports on the CPGB’s March 12 online members’ meeting

Working women find a voice

10 Mar 2022

Anne McShane looks at 'Rabotnitsa', first published by the Bolsheviks on February 23 1914 to mark International Women’s Day

Four anti-war nos

10 Mar 2022

Daniel Lazare welcomes the refusal of the DSA’s international committee to go along with the Democrats’ warmongering

Away with comforting delusions

10 Mar 2022

‘Official communism’ is bitterly divided over the Ukraine war. Paul Demarty traces the battle lines back to their origins

Neither 1914 nor 1940

03 Mar 2022

Mike Macnair interrogates the bogus claims made by Paul Mason and Alex Callinicos about imperialism and the Ukraine war

Here we stand

03 Mar 2022

Not only must social-imperialists and social-pacifists be denounced: Jack Conrad calls for absolute clarity, when it comes to war and peace

Our sort of refugees?

03 Mar 2022

The Ukraine crisis sharply highlights the communist demand for open borders, writes Eddie Ford

A lesson in courage

03 Mar 2022

Anti-war protests in Russia give a glimmer of hope in a perilous situation, argues Paul Demarty

Blindness to empire

24 Feb 2022

As Russia invades Ukraine Britain’s social-imperialists rally to side of Nato. But for socialists the main enemy is at home, argues Paul Demarty

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