Democracy & State

Overcoming the enemies within

17 May 2012

The left must unite in order to change the relationship of forces both within and outside the Labour Party, argues Mike Macnair

Former ministers show true colours

15 Nov 2019

Blairites are really Tories in disguise. If we are going to transform the Labour Party we must get rid of the lot of them, writes Eddie Ford

Far right conquers ‘red Umbria’

10 Nov 2019

Toby Abse explains the continuing decline of the Italian centre-left and the complete marginalization of the far left.

Cure worse than the disease

08 Nov 2019

The left should have no truck with clampdowns on the ‘abuse’ of politicians, argues Paul Demarty.

Our attitude towards a Corbyn government

08 Nov 2019

With the Tory election campaign mired in difficulties, Jack Conrad considers what is still an outside possibility.

Another avoidable tragedy

31 Oct 2019

Sickening scenes in Essex show the need for a working class response to the migration question, argues Paul Demarty.

Appeal to class loyalty

31 Oct 2019

Boris Johnson has finally got his election to ‘get Brexit done’, writes Eddie Ford, but the final result is anyone’s guess.

Nationalist dead end

24 Oct 2019

Paul Demarty examines the complex politics involved in the Catalan independence dispute.

Holding all the cards?

24 Oct 2019

Key parts of the DUP’s base in the farming and business sectors are fearful of the impact of a hard border and a hard Brexit on their economic interests, notes James Harvey.

Bold, sharp, strong, broad

24 Oct 2019

Rebuilding the Labour left is a matter of extreme urgency, declares Graham Bash. This is an edited version of the talk he gave at Communist University 2019.

The saga continues

24 Oct 2019

With the Brexit bill ‘paused’ and the October 31 deadline ditched, writes Eddie Ford, Boris Johnson is going for a December election.

Zombie parliament staggers on

17 Oct 2019

Will Boris Johnson win over the DUP and ERG? Eddie Ford looks at the latest Brexit developments.

Joining with the witch-hunters

17 Oct 2019

Stitching up Chris Williamson marks a turning point, writes Carla Roberts of Labour Party Marxists.

Momentum cannot be rescued

10 Oct 2019

There are various groups advocating reform. But, asks Carla Roberts, can they succeed?

Good riddance to Renzi

10 Oct 2019

The former leader of the PD has left to form a new party, writes Toby Abse. What a pity that the current leader is doing his best to placate the rightwingers who did not follow him.

Time to reassess

10 Oct 2019

The Irish left is still attempting to justify its support for Brexit, notes Anne McShane.

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