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Scottish Socialist Party: Dilemmas of separatism

23 Oct 2003

The debate on Scottish independence at Socialism 2003 brought into sharp focus a number of issues that will be crucial for the progress of the Scottish Socialist Party over the next period. Nick Rogers reports

Bourgeois revolutions and breaking national myths

16 Oct 2003

Neil Davidson, a member of the Socialist Worker platform in the SSP, systematically takes apart what commonly passes for Scottish history. This is an edited version of the opening he gave to this year's Communist University

Labour socialists and SSP

16 Oct 2003

Can Labour be reclaimed? Are avenues of dissent concreted over? Vince Mills secretary of the Campaign for Socialism - a group within the Scottish Labour Party - speaks to Mark Fischer

Rewinning our day

01 May 2003

It is time we reclaim May Day from the Stalinists, says Eddie Ford

Stalin's system of terror

06 Mar 2003

The 50th anniversary of Joseph Stalin's death on March 5 1953 has been used as an occasion to revisit the massive terror he personally ordered and presided over from the late 1920s onwards. Jack Conrad investigates the legacy of 'the man of steel'

The left and the Muslim Association

06 Feb 2003

Jack Conrad discusses Marxist strategy and tactics

What is political islam?

28 Nov 2002

Should communists and revolutionary socialists cooperate with groups like the Muslim Association of Britain? Two CPGB comrades come to opposite conclusions

Preparing for power

31 Oct 2002

In the seventh and concluding article in his series Jack Conrad peers into the future

Dictatorship of the proletariat: Bolshevism versus Kautskyism

24 Oct 2002

In the sixth part of his series of articles Jack Conrad discusses the debate between Lenin, Trotsky and Kautsky

Proletarian dictatorship as theory and practice

17 Oct 2002

In the fifth part of his series of articles Jack Conrad discusses the contradictory impact of the October Revolution

Russian means and the dictatorship of the minority

10 Oct 2002

In the fourth of his series of articles Jack Conrad examines the background to Lenin's use of the word 'dictatorship' and the role played by the Mensheviks

Dictatorship of the proletariat and the Second International

03 Oct 2002

In the third of his articles discussing peaceful and violent revolution Jack Conrad examines the use of the term 'dictator-ship of the proletariat' after Marx an Engels

Formulation nine and the dictatorship of the proletariat - part two

26 Sep 2002

Jack Conrad continues his reply to those who have attacked the recently updated 'What we fight for' column as a move to the right

Formulation nine and the possibility of peaceful revolution

19 Sep 2002

Jack Conrad begins a series on peaceful revolution

Anti-fascism after Oldham

21 Jun 2001