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Who’s for the SLP?

15 Feb 1996

Communist press

Keep it coming

08 Feb 1996

Party notes

Hicks clique survives challenge

25 Jan 1996

Split looms in CPB

14 Dec 1995

Splitting the left from Labour

14 Dec 1995

The debate over Scargill’s call for an SLP was raging in Scotland long before this weekend’s meeting. Nick Clarke from the CPGB in Scotland here replies to John Foster of the CPB and Alan McCombes of SML, writing in the Glasgow Herald with edited versions reproduced here

What kind of party?

02 Nov 1995

The following article was sent as a contribution to the Morning Star's debate on the way forward for the left

Unprincipled liaisons

03 Aug 1995

Fawning Star

15 Jun 1995

Reformist call to ban revolutionary funds

25 May 1995

Two evils

20 Apr 1995

Labour reformism a dead end for women workers

15 Dec 1994

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